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Ramos: "The key to this team is our hunger and ambition"

NEWS | 25/05/2018

"It's a privilege to be involved in a Champions League final and the motivation levels are off the scale when it comes to playing on this stage", stated the skipper.
Prior to the team's final training session ahead of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, Sergio Ramos took to the media room to offer his thoughts on the encounter: "The key to this team is our hunger and ambition. That's what I'd pick out, in addition to what a great group we are on a human level. We're a team where we all pull in the same direction. There's nothing that goes on off the field that can influence us. We're all important, regardless of our individual roles. Retaining that clarity of ideas, hunger, ambition, excitement and motivation to continue lifting silverware has been key".

"Whenever you play on a stage like this it's always an added motivation. There's such a good spirit within the squad and we're so proud and keen to keep winning things the chance to contest the Champions League final again is more than enough motivation. It's a privilege to be defending this title once again this season and to have the chance to make history, that's also a target of ours. On this stage the motivation levels are off the scale".

"In other years we've come up against opponents that supposedly weren't as strong and they posed us more problems that the teams we've faced this year. That said, we've knocked out each of the big teams from all of the leagues. We accounted for PSG, Juventus, Bayern ... It has been a tough journey and we now have to complete the job against an excellent Liverpool side that is more than just three players. They're a side that know how to dig in, never give up and they've got a great coach who will be giving his all. It's a unique occasion for all football fans".

"We don't pay any attention to the criticism and praise that you receive at certain times. Any sort of distraction is never good. This team has always had a really clear mind".

"For me, it's as if tomorrow were our first Champions League final. We don't stop to look back in time, although it's inevitable that you remember one of the finals at certain times, but we don't like looking back into the past". 

For me, this final is as if it were my first Champions League final appearance.

"Praising the opposition is always a distraction ploy. For us, Liverpool also work like clockwork. Tomorrow's game will see two excellent sides go head-to-head. We'll try to be fully focused to keep a clean sheet, reduce the danger they pose and trust in ourselves, with the players we have that are so capable of changing the game".

"We all pull in the same direction and regardless of who plays, they'll be doing the best they can. Above all, the most important thing is that Zizou has options. We're all available to him, we have no injuries, we're fighting fit and that's really great".

Starting XI
"Reaching the final of the Champions League with the gaffer still having decisions to make is positive. We've been training incredibly well in recent weeks, with massive drive. It's good that there's that competition and for the gaffer to have things to think about right up until the last. Every player will take to the pitch with hunger and desire".
"I have very fond memories of this city. We lifted the European Championship here with Spain and it's a real pleasure to return to a stadium like this one. Owing to the distance or the cost, there are many madridistas who haven't been able to make the journey, but we'll feel the backing of those that are here with us and of those fans back at home, with the giant screens that have been put up around the country".

"Comparing players with Cristiano and Messi means they're from a different planet. There are some players that are all the rage and others that aren't, there are players who come along and don't stick around for long and those that come and are keen to stay. He's got that chance and Salah is obviously an excellent player and he's proved that, particularly this year. I wish him all the best, but only once this game is over ".