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Rueda de prensa de Marcelo

Marcelo: "Both teams are really attack-minded and it'll be a great spectacle"

NEWS | 25/05/2018 | Javier García (Kiev)

"We know how we have to play and I know what I have to do to help the team", declared the Brazilian defender.
Marcelo took his place alongisde Sergio Ramos inside a packed media room at Kiev's Olympic Stadium, where the Brazilian wing-back expressed his confidence in the side ahead of the showpiece, whilst offering his thoughts on the crunch clash against Liverpool: "Both teams are really attack-minded and it'll all depend on how the game starts. We know exactly what we've got to do and we're ready, but anything can happen in a final. We're now waiting for the kick-off and it'll be a great spectacle for all football fans".

"Every day when we wake up what drives us on is the desire to train for our matches and win titles. We're back here on this stage thanks to our hard work, humility and the hunger to win things. What we've won is now in the past and we're just focusing on the present and the future".
Changes within the team
"As the years go by, you see many changes in teams. What hasn't changed is that hunger to win titles and important honours. Madrid have a history and that has really shown us that you've got to fight for all of the competitions we're involved in. As for changes, there have been plenty, but it's difficult to say in which areas the team has changed".

We're back on this stage thanks to our hard work, humility and the hunger to win things. 

"We know exactly how we have to play and I know what I have to do to help the team. Liverpool are a fantastic side, they've had a tremendous season and we can't afford to just focus on two or three players. Football matches are won by the whole team. We know that it'll be very tough, just like all of our games have been this season, but we're happy to be in the final. We've deserve to be here, as do Liverpool".
Klopp's comments
"I didn't hear his comments, I've just been told about them. In a final like this a lot of people can say things that aren't true. I'm happy with my performances, as are my teammates and the club. I haven't got to prove anything to anyone. I go about my work with humility and don't comment on anybody else's work. I didn't hear those words come out of his mouth and can't comment on what has been published in the press".
"I think that what we've won is now in the past. We must always look to the future. We've got to continue working hard and winning things. Everyone has their own opinions and they won't make the slightest bit of difference to the gaffer. That's what things our like in this industry: one day you're getting a grilling and the next you can do no wrong, but I believe that my coach is the best in the world".