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El Real Madrid de baloncesto ofreció la Décima

Llull: "The key to it was a good team spirit and the hunger to win"

NEWS | 21/05/2018

"We deserve a lot of praise for this EuroLeague title and we're an incredible group on a human level", commented Felipe Reyes.
The day after lifting la Décima, the players spoke to Realmadrid TV about their recent success before sharing the title fwith fans rom Madrid's official buildings. Sergio Llull praised the team's achievement: "The team has done an amazing job to win the EuroLeague and we have to be very happy. We’ve suffered a lot because it’s been a year in which we’ve had a lot of injuries, but everyone has played their part in winning the title. The key is the good team spirit and the hunger to keep winning, we have to retain that. We’re going to celebrate the EuroLeague title and then turn our attentions to the league".
Rudy: "To win two EuroLeague crowns in four years is amazing"
"We're really pleased to have won this trophy. It has been a tough year and the team has overcome adversity. It's now time to enjoy this and celebrate with our close ones and the fans. You've got to appreciate the work that has been put in. To win two EuroLeague crowns in four years is amazing". 

Doncic: "I still can't believe it"
"This is an incredible title and we deserved to be here today. I still can't believe it. We have performed really well this season and deserved this EuroLeague title. It's also special to come and see the official buildings. Whenever you come here it's always because you've won a title and we're very happy".

Reyes: "We deserve a lot of praise for this EuroLeague title"
"We're so happy. Every time you win a title it's really special to share it with the fans and come and make these visits. We've had a lot of tough times this year, with the injuries throughout the season and we deserve a lot of praise for this EuroLeague title. We're an incredible group on a human level. We knew that by working really hard and giving every last ounce, we'd reap the rewards".
Ayón: "We're really proud of what we've achieved as a team"
"What we've achieved has been magnificient, it's a real boost for us all. We're all tired right now, but it's time to keep the celebrations going. After all that we've been through, this is special. We reached the final in good shape, but it has been a tough journey. This EuroLeague title leaves us with a different taste in our mouths to the one we lifted in Madrid and we're really proud of what we've achieved as a team".
Tavares: "We're really pleased to have claimed the trophy"
"Winning my first EuroLeague is very special and I hope to go on and lift more titles. I knew that I was joined a really big club and that we were in with a chance of winning competitions like this one, but I didn't expect it to happen so soon. I'm really happy to have won this title. The team's secret is that all of the problems that we've had throughout the year have made us stronger".

Campazzo: "We overcome two great teams in the Final Four”
"It's not every day that you win a title like this and we've got to enjoy the moment. We're excited and have to celebrate it in true style. We twice put in massive effort to see off two fantastic teams in the Final Four in Belgrade".

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