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Levante - Real Madrid

Ramos: "Nobody is hiding here"

NEWS | 03/02/2018

“We are disappointed because it was a game that we had controlled in general”, stated Varane.
Sergio Ramos responded to questions from the press at the end of the match against Levante: "It was a game in which the team, from the beginning, went out to get the win and, after conceding a goal, we went back to Mark with the aim of winning. In the last minutes we left those three points that would have changed the result and the mood of the lads. There is a lot of analysis. In times and situations that the team is dominating, as in the first part, they have once stood and scored. We must make us look. You have to be more together and be more block when it comes to defending. It is not necessary to indicate a line in particular ".

"We will continue fighting to stay as high as possible. The Champions and the rest of the season should serve to try to recompose the group. It is not normal to be at this distance. Something we have done wrong, letting out many points in games that were controlled. It has been one of our worst years. The team works, nobody is erased, everyone goes to the front and when there is a complicated situation you have to be protected, be united, and it is the only way to do something worthwhile in the Champions League. "

Ramos: "You have to keep on battling every minute".

“We are disappointed because it was a game that we had controlled in general and in the end the points escaped us. We had a good first half, playing well and overtaking, but on their first occasion they tied us. It is true that this season has happened to us several times but things improve with work. You have to keep working and not lower your arms. In this situation, we must be united and strong, and be positive to improve. We believe in our capacity. "

"We work very well during the week, with a good atmosphere, and everyone gives their best for the team, so we leave disappointed when things do not work out. The Champions League is a different competition, although we must prepare first the match we have next weekend and then focus on PSG. Two things can happen in two games. We have a good team and we know it will be difficult, but we have shown that we can overcome these situations”.