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Girona - Real Madrid

Casemiro: “We must stay calm because there's a long way to go"

NEWS | 29/10/2017

“There were times when we switched off in the second half and they turned it around”, said Isco.
Real Madrid couldn’t get the better of Girona at Montilivi. Casemiro analysed the game: "We didn’t play well in the second half and they made it difficult for us. They won the game in the second half, in which we didn’t have many chances. We know that we’re a long way off of our objective, but we must stay calm and have a cool head because although it’s a difficult time, there’s still a long way to go and we’ve still got a chance. We have to play better and work harder".
Was Portu’s goal offside?
"We’re not looking for excuses. We’ve not created the chances we usually create. We have to congratulate Girona because they played well, especially in the second half".
Isco: "There’s still a lot to play for in LaLiga, we’re confident"
"It was a very strange match from us, we went 1-0 up but there were times when we switched off in the second half and they turned it around. We tried until the end, but we couldn’t get the goals. We’ve dropped a lot of points, but we’ve got a big game in London now and we hope we can get a good result there". 

Nacho: "We didn't go out with enough intensity and we need to be more switched on".

“We lacked that bite at the start of the second half, but Real Madrid can never be ruled out, there is still a long way to go in LaLiga. Now we have to show that we are a real team, that we believe and that we can turn this around. We have some serious responsibility. We can’t keep going on like this, we’re Real Madrid. We’ve shown in the past that we can make a comeback, we need to do that again”. 

Nacho: “we lacked intensity”
“We wanted the three points, but the game got away from us, we weren't switched on. It wasn't our best game, but it was also not our worst. We should have given it more and shown some concentration. Eight points is a big deficit but it is only October, there is a long way to go in LaLiga and we know it's tough, but if there is one thing that Real Madrid has, is that we fight for every title, we have to the calibre and the pride to do this”.
Champions League
“In the Champions League we're doing well, the team are hungry and doing things differently. We want to do just as well in each game. In LaLiga we’re struggling but there is a long way to go and we can show what we're made of”.