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Zidane: “Real Madrid is a serious, great club, and we're only thinking about Alavés”

NEWS | 01/04/2017 | Alberto Navarro

“We know we're going into the final stages of the season and we're ready to take on any challenge”, added the coach.
Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room at Real Madrid City on the day before the LaLiga clash with Alavés. The Whites' coach discussed the game which will be played at the Santiago Bernabéu: “It's true they won at the Camp Nou and got a last minute draw at the Vicente Calderón. They've done great things this season and will be tough opposition. We're ready, we've had good time to prepare for the game. The competition starts back up again tomorrow”.

“Everyone has the same aim. We know we're going into the final stages of the season and we're ready to take on any challenge from here to the end. In these final two months, every coach wants his players to be in good physical shape and I'm happy because we're all at 100% and focussed on our goal - to give it our all to win titles”.

A demanding April
“We have nine games in April and that means we're going to need all our players. We're ready for the final stretch of the season, the plan is always the same. All my players are important for me and we're going to keep making sure they feel that within the group. There will be some who play more and some who play less, but the most important thing is the work we do day to day; that's the crucial element and it's what I'm focussed on”.

Cristiano Ronaldo is on four yellow cards and I hope that's the way it stays until the end.

“It may be that he picks up another, but Cristiano Ronaldo knows we're not going to look at the fact he's on four cards. He's got four yellows and I hope that's the way it stays until the end. He has to play like he always does and we'll look at how we're going to manage the situation”.

“He'll have a rest tomorrow and that's all there is to it. It's a decision made by the coach because he's played a lot. All the players are vital”.

Modric's form
“He's a key player. Now we're thinking about what's coming up and he's played a lot of minutes. He's fine physically and if he gets some game time it'll be due to how the game is going or to change the tactical side of things”.

Raúl's potential return
"This is his home and he's an iconic player. I'd be delighted to have him back, I'd be happy for him. If he can be at this club and do something great, I'd be thrilled. This is his home and I'm sure he could be manager here one day. He's another one who's obsessed with football.”.

Coaching Barcelona?
"I'd never coach them. There's your front covers for tomorrow".

Piqué and his comments on Real Madrid's values
“We've had fifteen days to prepare for tomorrow's match and that's all I'm thinking about. Real Madrid is an enormous, very serious club, nothing more. Now we're all focussed on tomorrow's game, which is all that we're interested in. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and all I'll say is that this is a serious, great club. Nothing else”.

“I'm not bothered about what he says, to be honest. It's just for the sake of saying something. All I'm concerned about is what we're doing on the pitch. We know what our image means and nobody can argue with that. He can say whatever he likes, he won't change the image of this club. I'm not going to get involved with this”.