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Sergio Llull

Llull: “Winning the Euroleague is one of the greatest moments of my career”

NEWS | 20/04/2017

The shooting guard was the star of the fifth episode of Real Madrid TV's ‘Campo de Estrellas’ program.
Sergio Llull was the star of the fifth instalment of Realmadrid TV's Campo de Estrellas, and he opened up as he reflected on his sporting career: “The tramontana is a wind that blows from the north, it is fierce and perhaps there are some similarities with my style of play: intense, aggressive, quick and dynamic, just like the tramontana wind. I'm happy and comfortable in Madrid, it's where I want to be and it's where I love playing basketball. I don't lose any sleep over the NBA, it's not something I think about”.

“I started playing football and basketball when I was five years old, until one day my parents made me choose one. I went for basketball, and I remember how we used to run as quickly as possible after class to be the first at the sports hall and get one of the new balls. I always played with guys in my age-group and a bit older, maybe because of the intensity and passion I put into my game”.

“I've been competitive since I was very young and I've always wanted to win. My biggest idol was Michael Jordan and that's why I wear the number '23' when I play now. You used to try and copy their shooting, their moves, their jumps in the air. Herreros was another one because I've always been Real Madrid ever since I was little, just like the rest of my family. He was a player who used to give his all and worked hard for his team and the shirt, so that's why I identified with him”.

Arrival at Madrid
“I made my debut in the last game of the Regular Season in the league, away at Joventut, in Badalona. Then after that the play-offs started. I remember winning the league at the Palau and celebrating like one of the guys, as if I'd been here for ten years. The game against Toronto is perhaps the one where I started to make a name for myself. The experience you gain from the bad times helps you to achieve success and win titles later on”.

”I've always been Real Madrid, ever since I was young”.

“There were bad years too, though, tough times when I just had to keep going. Laso's arrival saw things improve in many ways: we were getting to finals, having more belief in ourselves and playing a more attractive brand of basketball”.

“I've been lucky enough to win quite a few titles. I have five Copa del Rey trophies, and I've got the net from those because I always try and cut it off so I've got a memento. I also try and keep my shoes from the game whenever we win a trophy. Being able to win the Euroleague at the Palacio, in front of your fans, is one of the greatest moments of my career. The year of the five titles was a historic year for the club and for all of us who were part of it. To win every title you're competing for is just a dream come true”.

Tiros finales
“I feel comfortable in those kinds of situations. I like to take on that responsibility and be courageous at those moments. I like winning and that brings with it a responsibility; people see you as a leader and you respond to that by setting an example. The most special, for when it came and what it meant, was the shot from the corner in the Copa del Rey final in Málaga against Barcelona. It was a turning point because it gave me the confidence to keep doing it”.