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Zidane: "We knew we'd have to dig in but we always enjoy winning a major title"

NEWS | 18/12/2016

"If you're positive and believe that you can do it, you end up achieving it because there's a lot of talent in this side", he noted.
Zinedine Zidane took to the media room at the International Stadium Yokohama, where the Whites' coach expressed his delight at having secured the Club World Cup crown: "We always enjoy winning a major title. We knew that we'd have to dig in. We weren't surprised by the opposition and we were well aware that they were capable of putting in that sort of performance, but we were a little taken aback by the way they played, just how much they ran and battled. We arrived here after a long trip and we've lifted the title, which is an important one for us".

"At times, we were made to suffer and we didn't play as we can, but that's to expected throughout the course of any game. The good thing is that we've been positive and we know that we're capable of hurting the opposition at any given time. We also know that we sometimes have to dig in, but if you're positive and believe that you can do it, you end up achieving things because there's a lot of talent in this side".

Words of thanks
"I have a thought for all of my family, who are always there to support me, regardless of whether things go well or not. I also want to thank the players because every one of them is doing a great job. They're all really committed and we're all pulling in the same direction, that's important as we bid to achieve things".

Backing from the fans
"I know that there were a lot of madridistas here and people that follow Madrid. I want to thank everyone who offered the team their backing. There were also Japanese fans here to support the opposition. There were people here to support both sides". 

We have once again achieved something great and we now must rest.

“In 2014 we know what happened after we won the Club World Cup and that is that. It can happen at any moment, but I think that the season will will be long and difficult one for us. We are lucky now because we can relax a little and when we come back we are going to work hard. If we work hard I don’t think that things will change”.

His physical condition 
“I haven’t been able to sleep well over the last few days and I need a rest. We have once again achieved something great and now we must rest. The pressure and stress will always be there and we can’t change that. As long as I am at this club there will always be something to tire me out”.

Change of system
“When you go behind you have to change something. Marcelo and Carvajal went further forward, but that’s something you can only really do for 30 or 35 minutes. It worked out well for us because Casemiro, Ramos and Varane did well against the two opposition strikers, who ran about the pitch with at great speed”.
Congratulations from the president
"He said to me that this is another trophy for Real Madrid and myself and that   he's happy. We just offered each other our congratulations and that was it".

Message to the Japanese children
"If you've got ambition and you enjoy working hard, you have to keep fighting and believe that you will one day end up at a big club. It's a dream come true for the players, it was my dream as a child to play at a club as big as Real Madrid. You have to believe that you can achieve that, but it always involves hard work".