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Kiko Casilla

Casilla: "Winning a title at the start of the season gives the group a lot of confidence"

NEWS | 11/08/2016

“We've started well, but we want to finish as strongly as possible”, he added.
Kiko Casilla spoke to Realmadrid TV in an interview which saw him discuss the Super Cup win over Sevilla and the team's excitement ahead of the new season: “Winning a title at the start of the season gives the group a lot of confidence. We were patient and we created quite a few chances. When I saw Dani start to come inside, I knew he was going to score, and he did just that. It was a stunning goal”.

“One of the mottos at this club is ‘until the end’ and you can see that with Sergio's goal, just like in the match in Lisbon and with Dani's goal as well. Real Madrid is all about not letting your head drop until the referee blows the final whistle, and that's how it was, we kept going until the end. I'm happy with everything, with the Super Cup, with the win, being able to play and win my first title playing from the start. We suffered more than we would've liked but it all turned out well in the end. If you don't usually play, when you do get your chance you try to do the best you can. I was lucky enough to make some saves, and most importantly, clinch the Super Cup and play a decent match”.
Feelings and emotions
“It was such an emotional moment, so many memories come back to you from when you started as a kid, when you used to dream of playing in a final and winning it, all that you've gone through to get here. You think about your family too, about being able to win a title and share it with them”. 


“About the fans who were there as well, it was an array of things. When I took hold of the trophy in the box and lifted it up, that was a liberating moment”.
Dressing room
“There's a great atmosphere in the dressing room. I've been in quite a few, and this is one of the most united I've come across. There's a good relationship between the players and the coaching staff. Zidane got a bit wet but he took it well, it was a celebration and he enjoyed it”.

The right approach
“One of the mantras for this year will be working very hard physically because the players have got the quality. We're going to work on the physical side of things as well as the strategic aspects. With that we're going to do great things this year. We've started well but we want to finish as strongly as possible so we'll have to work hard to show at the weekend what we've done all week”.

La Liga
“Now with La Liga, the good stuff starts. It's the competition that requires the most consistency. We'll go to San Sebastián to take the three points just like last year to get off to a good start which is very important”.