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Bale: “Winning la Undécima is incredible”

NEWS | 28/05/2016 | Alberto Navarro (Milán)

“The fans never stopped supporting us”, said Marcelo.
Bale displayed his joy after winning the Champions League final against Atlético: “It's an incredible feeling to win it for the second time. It's difficult to put it into words, but winning la Undécima is incredible. It was a difficult match, really tough, especially with the heat, but we showed character and being united we've managed to win, which was the most important thing”.

“The team and the fans were incredible. We gave it our all. Now we've got to enjoy this win and next season try to win the Duodécima (twelfth title) in Cardiff”.

Marcelo: “We fought hard and in the end we managed to win it”
“I want to say thank you to the fans, who have never stopped supporting us. We've managed to win; we fought hard, suffered and in the end we managed to win it”.

Benzema: “We have to say thank you to the fans”
“I'm really happy with the win. We've had a difficult season but we're very happy today. We knew it was going to be difficult against an opponent like Atlético. We've got to say thank you to the fans, and we'll see you in Madrid”.

Isco: “We have to be very proud of this team”
“We've been moving forward all season and now we've got to enjoy this victory. We should be very proud of this team. It's all like a dream. It's the second time I've won it in two years with Real Madrid. I'm really proud of the fans and all my teammates”.

Pepe: “We've got a magnificent team”.

“On this occasion we pushed up and with ten minutes to go, they equalised. We know penalties is a lottery, but we've come out on top. I was convinced we were going to win it. Cristiano scored the decisive penalty and now we're heading back to Madrid with la Undécima”.

Pepe: “Madrid are always fighting to win titles”
“It's been a tough year for us, but the important thing is that we've remained calm and we've worked really hard all year. Madrid are always fighting to win titles. Zidane has played football and he knows what the players need. He told us to stay calm, do things well, play as a team. The most important thing is that we have a magnificent team”.

Modric: “I'm proud to have won la Undécima”
“It's an incredible feeling. We played well, we fought to the end, we suffered as a team during the penalties and we achieved a deserved victory. We deserved to win and I'm proud to have clinched la Undécima. The Champions League is Real Madrid's competition. The trophy belongs to Real Madrid and that's why it's the best club in the world. We have to keep this up".

Dedicated to the fans
“We want to celebrate it with the fans, this trophy is for them. We've had a difficult season, with some tough moments but they have supported us all the way and this trophy is for them. Now we're going to enjoy it in Cibeles”.