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Zidane: "We have challenges ahead and we are not going to throw away the season"

NEWS | 27/02/2016 | Javier García

“Losing at home against Atlético is difficult, but we have to keep going and think about the next game", he added.
Zinedine Zidane spoke in the press room at the Santiago Bernabéu in order to analyse the derby against Atlético: "We have things to do this year. We have the Champions league and La Liga games. We have to keep up our work. This is a difficult time. It is necessary to be professional and think about the next game. Madrid will never give in, neither me nor the players. They can criticise us, but I am going to look for a solution and to do that we need to win on Wednesday".

"Before the Champions league we have a game on Wednesday and we have to prepare for that game in order to play at our top level and win. Our duties and aims are for the next game. Today is a tough blow. Losing at home against Atlético is difficult".

Slump in the team
"I don't know if it is a result of attitude. Probably the football. I am not happy with the game and I cannot be happy with the defeat, with what happened and the game we had. The important thing for me and for the team is to think about the next game. Before you ask me if La Liga is over, it is always difficult and I will say what I said yesterday: if you lose more points it is more difficult. We're not going to throw away the season because we have challenges".

The way of losing
“I have complete belief in the players. I am always going to be behind the players and they are behind me. Next year we may have to change. There will be changes. There could be a change of manager too. Now we have to keep going, we are not out of everything. I wasn't expecting the game we had today".

Changes over the next few games
“I am not going to go crazy either. When we win I don't let it go to my head and when we lose I don't go crazy. I am going to prepare for the following game, I will put out the best XI and that is that".

We are not happy but we cannot give in whatever happens.

“I am responsible. I have to look for solutions so that doesn't happen again. It is the first defeat at home and I wasn't expecting it. I knew that it was a difficult game. When you have chances you have to put them in".

“I took him off because he was feeling pain. He had an ischiotibial problem and we could not take risks. If we replaced him, it is because he had a problem".

“The problem is not just a fitness one. We worked for three weeks doing everything. The game today was more mental. On Wednesday they played, they did not have much time to recover and look at the game they had. We lacked a little of everyone. We did not play the game we had prepared. You cannot let then get into games and they did so and played comfortably".

“I put him on because Karim came off and I had to put on a nine. He is doing well and it was his opportunity. I would have liked him to score but he wasn't able to.
I am happy with his work, he showed character. With Lucas I was looking for more depth and with Jesé more speed".

Message to the players
"I have told them that we need to keep going. We are not happy but we cannot give in whatever happens. I will always say the same thing. I am clear about my ideas. In a game like that we had to do more. We had to run more, put our legs in more... If you don't do more against the side second in the table, that is what happens".