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Real Madrid - Deportivo

Zidane: “What I liked most was the team's attitude"

NEWS | 09/01/2016 | Javier García

“The fans were fantastic and they have been rewarded with the win and the effort of everyone", he added.
A goal fest for Zidane on his debut in charge of Real Madrid. The Whites manager was very satisfied in the press room following the 5-0 win against Deportivo: "When a game is won the manager can only be happy. I am happy with our first game and with the three or four days that we had of training sessions. What I liked most was the team's attitude".

"It is not easy to beat Deportivo 5-0. What I will remember is the attitude of those that played and those that didn't. I thought a lot about the win, like all of the players and it went well. The assessment is really positive. The most important thing is the few days of work that we have had. The attitude of the players has been rewarded with a good win. I would like to saviour it and enjoy what the players have done". 

“The work that Gareth has to do is the same as everyone. When we do not have the ball we need to be united and defend. When we have the ball, we have to open up and play. That is what happened today. I am happy with what he did, it is not easy to score three goals in a game".

“I was absolutely delighted with the fans, it was clear that they were right behind the team from beginning to end. There was a good atmosphere. The idea is to try and play good football and win games. The fans were fantastic".

His debut
"I am happy because today was another challenge for me. It is important to be here as a manager and what I want to do is enjoy it. I am thankful to the fans because they come to see the players. I was not nervous, it was a very long day, but I am happy with the win and relaxed. The first game was really good but it is the start and we have to keep going".


“Of course we are going to continue like that. Real Madrid always needs to win and we have to do the same thing and keep winning. We have to improve a lot of things and we are going to. We have weeks to work and we are going to improve, I am convinced of that".

Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo
“Ramos felt a slight niggle, I don't think it is anything important, we will see tomorrow with the scan. Cristiano looked really good, he always needs to score because he likes that, but he looked good, happy like everyone else. We were just thinking about the win and he was too. We are going to have other games where he can score".

Isco and James
“I am happy with the game everyone had, but especially with Isco. James had a good game when he came on. I will make a decision about who plays in each game. You will always ask the same questions and I will always have the same answer. There are eleven players that start, today it was this decision and we will see what happens next week".

Ideas on playing style
“It was necessary to try and move out with the ball from defence and quickly change sides. We did that and we are going to improve it. That was how we planned it. The best thing about our game was good touches on the ball and really good defending. We had a lot of chances. We can improve in terms of ball recovery, but gradually. I have just arrived and things need time".

"We had a good attitude and that is also the case for the training sessions over the last few days. The players want to do as well as possible and we now need to continue with our work. Nothing has changed between them, the only thing that has changed is the manager".