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Sevilla - Real Madrid

Ramos: “The team gave everything to get three crucial points"

NEWS | 02/05/2015 | Javier García (Sevilla) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

“It was difficult to get a win at the Pizjuán and it allows us to keep fighting for La Liga”, said Casillas.
Sergio Ramos started in the win against Sevilla and analysed the game at the Sánchez Pizjuán: “We knew that it was going to be a life and death game. It is very difficult to play here, the team gave everything to get three crucial points and force Barcelona to keep winning. I am happy with the team's work and sacrifice". 

“Until Barcelona are mathematical champions, we are obliged to keep pushing in order to take advantage of a possible error. We have to live for the moment and give everything we have in every game".

The penalty
“It wasn't the first penalty and it won't be the last. I am sometimes guilty of trying to get the ball out when I should just stand back a little. You have to look on the bright side, Sevilla had not lost here in a long time and that gives credit to Real Madrid".

Position in midfield
"I just take orders. I always try to play at my best and it is a position that I am increasingly comfortable in. If the team is a little more balanced and relaxed at the back, all the better. My first aim is to help out". 

“Cristiano is a really optimistic player, he lives for goals and punishes himself when he does not score. I am really happy that the team won and that he got goals. He is an unquestionably good player and I hope he can get a good run of goals that can help everyone. In the history of Real Madrid very few players have not been whistled. When people whistle it is because they have demands and that comes with our badge".

Casillas: “La Liga revolves around winning all of our remaining games”
“It was difficult to get a win at the Sánchez Pizjuán, where Sevilla had not lost in lots of games. We managed it and it allows us to keep fighting for the league. We have suffered a lot but our chances revolve around winning the three games left".

Carvajal: "Cristiano is the best player in the world and he showed that again today".

“First we have the game in Turin and then we will think about Saturday's game against Valencia, a difficult opponent who are playing for a place in the Champions League".

Cristiano Ronaldo
“We are delighted that he always manages to score and if we add up all of his goals it is impressive. He is important for us and with his goals we are still fighting for a league title that is out of our hands".

“Only wins are any use to us, we already knew their result and we have won. It was another step forward and we will fight until the end. We now need to think about getting a good result in Turin".

“He plays well in any position and it will be the manager's decision ahead of the game in Turin".

Carvajal: “It was a difficult and hard-fought game"
“Sevilla had gone 34 games without a loss here and we go away happy with the three points that allow us to keep fighting for La Liga. It was a difficult and hard-fought game. We suffered in the last ten minutes but victory tastes better like that".

“Now all the matches are finals, we will aim to win the three remaining games and hope that Barcelona lose a few points. We depend on Atlético, Real Sociedad and Deportivo”.

Ramos in midfield
“These are the manager's decisions and there will be a reason why he plays him in midfield. He has a lot of experience, is strong in dead-ball situations and is a great player wherever he plays".

Cristiano's goals
“It is not surprising to anyone that Cristiano score hat-trick after hat-trick, brace after brace, and goal after goal. He is the best player in the world and he showed that again today".

“We are not superior, this is a Champions League semi-final and there are no favourites. They have just won their league and we will try to get a good result".