Real Madrid - Almería

Ancelotti: "We're convinced we can win the four games we have left"

NEWS | 29/04/2015 | Javier García

"We didn't play with a lot of intensity, but we always had the scoreboard under control", added the Italian.
Carlo Ancelotti analysed Real Madrid's win over Almería in the Santiago Bernabéu press room: "It was a transitional match. We didn't play with a lot of intensity or with a lot of quality. We came into it on the back of a really phsyically and mentally tiring week. Today we took a bit of a breather, we didn't play with a lot of intensity, but we always had the scoreboard under control".

"We're not convinced that Barcelona are going to drop points; we are convinced that we can win the four games that we have left. I don't have any personal ambitions, because my trophy cabinet is already full. Only for Real Madrid, the fans, the club and my players".

The squad
"All the players did what they had to do. Those who don't tend to play always can find it more difficult. I'm happy with the work everyone did, including those who maybe didn't have a great match, but put in a lot of effort. I'm not unfair. I make decisions, it's my job. I know that those who don't play aren't happy, but it isn't unfair".

Bale and Benzema
"We're in a very important period. We're not planning to rotate, but to field the best team we can and try to beat Sevilla. Bale trained individually and tomorrow it's possible he'll train with the team. Karim is still working individually, he has progressed a lot and we think that he can travel to Turin".

James is doing very well, showing all his qualities and abilities.

"Cristiano is in very good shape, he recovers very well after games and he's fresh. He isn't suffering from tiredness. He didn't score today, but he worked hard. If he didn't score today, he can score on Saturday. My personal opinion is that if Cristiano doesn't score a goal from here on in, I'll still be happy. He has scored 50 and I've never had a player who scored 50 a season".

"I'm not worried about him, because he played very well in Vigo. Today he didn't play to such a high level, but he has the complete confidence of his coach".

Defensive work
"There are games that we don't defend very well; today we defended very well. When the team is focused, it defends very well. Last year we did it very well against Bayern. We don't always have that attitude. Sometimes we're a bit out of position. In the first half we didn't press very well, in the second it was better".

"He has to work, train and adapt. He's very young. Today he was with the match squad for the first time and he has time in the future to make his debut".