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Florentino Pérez: "It has been a spectacular year because along with la Décima we also won the Copa del Rey and the European Super Cup”

NEWS | 11/12/2014

“There is no room for second guessing: Real Madrid has a zero tolerance policy for violent people”, he said during the press Christmas dinner.
The presidential box in the Santiago Bernabéu was the setting for the annual Christmas dinner put on by Real Madrid for the press. During his speech, Florentino Pérez assessed the past year in sporting terms: “2014 has been a very good year, I would go as far as to say that it has been spectacular because along with la Décima, we also won the Copa del Rey and this season we have already won the European Super Cup.”

“We also enjoying seeing Cristiano Ronaldo get the Ballon d'Or, as the best player in the world, and he also won the Golden Shoe and was the top goalscorer in both La Liga and the Champions League. And the basketball team once again secured the Copa del Rey and the Supercopa titles.”

No tolerance for violence
“There is no room for second guessing: Real Madrid has a zero tolerance policy for violent people. And I would like for everyone, including all those present here, to share that policy. Football is and should always be a celebration for everyone. In order for that to happen it is fundamental that we constantly make a great effort in terms of responsibility. That goes for everyone, no matter the area they occupy.”

The club's spectacular sporting moment
“We are proud of the squad and the technical staff who have achieved an incredible record. We are league leaders in basketball and football. The football team will approach the upcoming year just like the basketball team, with both sides looking to win their respective Eleventh and Ninth European Cup titles. And the aim is to make everyone who feels that passion for Real Madrid happy.”

“Real Madrid has a new chapter to write in history: winning the Club World Cup”

“Real Madrid can never lose that drive to improve, but I also want to point out that we must always remain humble. That is what our elders taught us and is what we are used to. We are happy because we believe that our supporters are as well.”

Remembering Di Stéfano
“No Real Madrid supporter will forget the year 2014, above all else for the farewell to Alfredo Di Stéfano. The Alfredo Di Stéfano legend will live forever and he will always remain in the hearts of all those who love Real Madrid. Neverthelss, our beloved Honorary President and the best player of all time paved the way so that Real Madrid fans could continue to see their dreams come true.”

Thanks to the professionals in the media
“I am grateful for the work you carry out on a daily basis in order to provide our club's members and fans, especially those in other parts of the world, with the best information. We are conscience of the fact that information that is true, responsible and constructively critical, and that has been rigorously and ethically thought out, helps us to be better, to grow and makes the institution even stronger and solid.”

Wishes for the New Year
“My only wish is for 2015 to be a good year. Firstly health, hard work and happiness for all of you and your families. And hopefully next year we will be able to meet up again at a ceremony like this and during celebrations as dear to us as the Christmas holidays.”