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Cristiano Ronaldo: “It was a very good game”

NEWS | 05/10/2014

“We’re close to our optimum level”, explained Carvajal.
Cristiano Ronaldo appeared before the press after scoring a hat-trick in the win over Athletic: “We’re still getting better. It’s the start of the season, we have room to improve and we are growing. It was a very good game, we scored five goals and didn’t concede any”.

“Benzema is the best striker in La Liga for me and one of the best in the world. He deserves it and we’re very happy with him. He is a team player and Benzema and Chicharito are doing a great job. We’re very happy with them”.

Link-up with his teammates
“Benzema, Bale and I are used to working together and we connect very well. As Ancelotti already said in the press conference, we are getting better in some aspects, such as set-pieces”.

Carvajal: “It was a very complete game”
“We are very happy with the result and three points. It was one of the team’s best matches, very complete. We were compact and we enjoyed ourselves. We’re close to our optimum level. We play as a unit even though we are a very direct team”.

“The three forwards are really pacey and they cannot sprint up and down all match. Cristiano is not an extra-terrestrial but he is the best in the world”.

The team’s progress
“Ancelotti has asked for depth from the full-backs and we’ve contributed a lot. The crowd cheer all the players on and that gives us the confidence to carry on. We found it really difficult at the start but, despite the defeats in La Liga, we are getting better and better and the results are coming”.