Bayern de Múnich - Real Madrid

Ronaldo: “We deserve to play in the final"

NEWS | 29/04/2014 | Alberto Navarro (Múnich)

"Not being able to play in the final is a shame but I hope my teammates win and with time I'll forget it”, stated Xabi Alonso.
Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe spoke after Madrid's rout of Bayern that sealed their passage to the Champions League final. The striker stated that “it was a perfect match. Scoring three goals in the first half was extraordinary. The team did very well and played with confidence. We knew it was difficult but it got easier because we scored two early goals”.

“We showed a very good attitude and we deserved to reach the final. I’d like to thank all the players for their effort and now is time to enjoy the moment and play the final to win. We have been losing in the semis for a long time, three or four years, but the most important thing is that now we are in a deserved final and we have our feet on the ground. Since the Champions League started we have taken it step by step and match by match".

His goal-scoring record
“I was looking for it and I knew I needed one goal but I was not going to be mad if it didn’t happen. It was a great ball from Bale. The whole team helped me. I’m really happy to break the Champions League record but what I want is to win it and we’re very excited. A final is always complicated. I don’t care if it’s Mourinho or another coach. It will be in my country and I want to win the Champions League”.

 I'm happy to beat the Champions League record but what I want is to win it.

His teammate Pepe praised the coach: “Ancelotti always told us we were going to win here. We had the confidence to record a victory here and in our quality and hard work. Having kept a clean sheet against Bayern is due to the hard work of the whole team. Not just one player”.

Ramos' goals
“I'm very happy for him and we worked well together. He managed to score two goals and help the team to victory. We did a great job to reach the final and our opponent there is irrelevant. We have to think about ourselves to win the title”.

Xabi Alonso: “It was a perfect match”
“It was an important day for the team and for the club. We have lost for three years, we were focused and we wanted to have a match to remember. The job is not yet done, now we want to win it”.

“Beating this Bayern in both matches deserves a lot of credit with the way they've been playing this season. We were able to control the game perfectly, we didn't give away any chances and it was a perfect match. We came here with the intention of putting in a great performance and reaching the final”.

The yellow card
“It's a shame not being able to play in it but I hope my teammates will win it and with time I'll forget it. More than being an unfair card, I think it's an unfair rule. The road to the final is very complicated. Let's hope we do well and we can win it because the fans really want to play in a Champions League final”.