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Real Madrid's relationship with Tetuan goes back many years, to the time when the Spanish Protectorate of Morocco still existed and Athletic Tetuan played in the Spanish First Division. Both teams faced each other in the 1952/53 season of La Liga and the Club has kept a relationship with the Moroccan city since then. There are currently hundreds of passionate Madridistas in Morocco, particularly in this northern city.

The Remate Fan Club is a good example of the existing passion for Real Madrid in Tetuan. "The fan club was founded on 5 May 2005," told us their President, "We are Moroccan citizens and want to use our association to bring people from both countries closer together. Real Madrid is the best possible banner under which to achieve this."

Most members of the fan club are Moroccan, but some are Spanish citizens that reside in the African country. Whenever Real Madrid play a game, they either get together in their headquarters or in a bar to watch it all together. Sometimes, if the team is going to play a crucial game, they travel all the way to Madrid to see it live at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

According to their President, the main goal of the Remate Fan Club is to "promote the values of Real Madrid and to stress the role both the fan club and the Club can play in the benefit of both countries."

They have organised several 'Who Is The Best Remate Fan Club Madridista” games in order to promote the history and legacy of Real Madrid. They are currently preparing several initiatives coordinated by both them and the Club.