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The official Real Madrid Fan club in Lebanon, under the name of Pena Madridista Real Madrid Fans de Libano, founded on 2012 as a group on Facebook, and started working on activities to approach more Madridistas in Lebanon and now more than 6000 members are registered. Received the official license from Real Madrid on October 28,2014.
One of our basic activities is to gather on each match for Real Madrid, as mini gatherings in all over Lebanon, and a main event in the capital Beirut for the big matches. Media means are always interesting in covering these gatherings.
We are registered at the Lebanese Interior Ministry as an official association. And the ambassador of Spain Kingdom in Lebanon Her Excellency Mrs. Milagros Hernando is our Honorary President. We’re the first official fan club for a Spanish team in Lebanon.
In a special way, the Female power is represented inside our peña, our president is Miss Baraah Hasan, an international sports journalist, accredited by FIFA and UEFA, and she is a sports events coordinator. She’s the chief editor of the Real Madrid Arabic Magazine: . It is a magazine managed by journalists form Pena Madridista Libano and Pena Madridista Palastina Blanca  in order to cover all RM news for the Arab Madridistas.
We always join sports events as volunteers to help improving Football in Lebanon and giving the little kids a spirit to play and teaching them the Sportsmanship values.  And we collaborate with a company in to manage Real Madrid  Fundacion Summer camps in Lebanon.
We organize yearly trips to Madrid and follow the team as much as we can. Real Madrid for us is more than a club, its like Football, our way of life.
We always face obstacles, basically the security situation, but we have the enthusiasm to continue our mission. We consider ourselves responsible to deliver Real Madrid glory and values to all the people not only in Lebanon but also in the region. We work on social events to help poor people and orphans, and we worked on sending a message for Real Madrid to let the little Lebanese orphan Haidar Mustafa meets his idol Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid.
Also, we organized an event and received one of the club legends Con Michel Salgado in Beirut, where he met our passionate guys.
We have some relations with all the Real Madrid fan clubs in our area and in the world to stay in contact with them and share our passion.
For us, it’s a pride that our country Lebanon is one of the countries listed on Real Madrid peñas list. We will always work hard for the things we belong to, Lebanon, and Real Madrid.