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A group of friends decided to start watching Real Madrid matches together back in 2014. The idea soon grew into screening sessions for the public and more Madridistas, bringing Madrid fans together for a common event, and ever since we haven’t looked back. Regular football matches among fan club members, get-togethers, screenings for early kickoff weekend games and late-night midweek games, we also organized blood drives, and other activities are part of the fan club. 
The joy of uniting the Madridismo throughout the state drove us a step further as we learned about the Peña clubs in India like Bombay peña, Peña Kerala, and other peñas around the world. We contacted Bombay peña from India in 2019 and they guided us to initiate the process and make us connect to the board. It's all happened with the pure joy and pleasure of bringing all the Real Madrid fans together. It was an effort to be counted officially as a Madridrista in the eyes of the club, and being part of the biggest and greatest football family in the world. 
We bring together Madridistas from all over Tamil Nadu, a southern state in India. Our primary goal is to promote the spirit of Madridismo beating in the hearts of every fan.
And a message to all Madridismo: Join us as we shout HALA MADRID Y NADA MAS!