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Stielike Ulrich Stielike

1977 · 1985
Place of birth
Ketsch (Germany)
Year of birth

The German ‘panzer’

Position: Midfielder
Games played: 308
Goals scored: 50
German international: 42 caps
Personality and forcefulness in the midfield. The German Uli Stielike stood out for his impeccable positioning and commitment. A combative footballer that left his mark after eight seasons with Real Madrid, in which time he won six titles.
Stielike began at SpVgg, in his native city. He stayed there until 1973, when he signed on to play for Borussia Mönchengladbach. With this team he won three Bundesliga titles, one German Cup title, and one UEFA Cup title. In 1977 he would give his career a major shift by signing with Real Madrid.
His signing was Santiago Bernabéu’s (enlazar ficha) last major contribution to the club. The president travelled to Germany to sign one of his Borussia team-mates (Herbert Wimmer), but he changed his mind once he saw Uli play. Stielike was a top class player who imposed his presence on the pitch. In Madrid he coincided with other players of similar character, like Juanito, Camacho and Goyo Benito.
In his debut season Stielike was the team’s second highest scorer in La Liga (13 goals) behind Santillana. His role in the midfield and as a sweeper helped the team win La Liga title that season, as well as the following two. Uli left the club in 1985 and retired after playing in Switzerland for Neuchatel. 


1 UEFA Cup
3 La Liga
2 Spanish Cup