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Taylor Jeffery Taylor

2015 · 2022
Place of birth
Norrköping (Sweden)
Year of birth

Thirteen trophies in seven seasons at Real Madrid

During his seven-season stint at the club, Jeff Taylor won everything going. He checked in at Real Madrid in the summer of 2015 and made his competitive debut on 25 October in the match-up against Tenerife at the Wizink Center, before going on to enjoy a long and successful career at Real Madrid.

Under the tutelage of Pablo Laso, the small forward played his part in a golden era. He captured a total of 13 pieces of silverware: one European Cup, one Intercontinental Cup, four league titles, a trio of Copa del Rey crowns and four Spanish Super Cups.

In addition, during his time at Real Madrid, the Swede made 463 appearances, becoming the club's second-highest foreign appearance maker in the process, second only to his former teammate Jaycee Carrol (709). 


1 European Cup
1 Intercontinental Cup
4 ACB league titles
3 Copas del Rey
4 Spanish Super Cups