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The Real Madrid Foundation's social sports schools focus on supporting the education and holistic development of minors living in vulnerable situations around the globe, as well as promoting development cooperation across the five continents in conjunction with leading NGOs and specialist organisations.

These projects are based on the defence of children's rights and feature as part of the contribution Real Madrid makes to the UN 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals through its Foundation.

The social sports schools offer a safe space in which to values-based education is promoted through sport (football and basketball) on the basis of the tailored methodology specifically designed by the Real Madrid Foundation, “Por una educación REAL: Valores y deporte” (For a REAL education: values and sport). The schools are part of holistic care projects that cater for socially disadvantaged children and are designed for all minors, both boys and girls, aged 5-18, without discriminating on the basis of ability, socio-economic circumstances, gender, religion, ethnicity or culture and promoting their education in all instances.

The social sports schools use sport as a tool as a means to personal and social development and as a vehicle to achieve integration, peace and social cohesion. They promote education, the sharing of values, healthy habits and suitable nutrition. Besides the educational sport sessions, participants take part in activities that range from extracurricular support and psychological care to regular medical check-ups and nutritional support, which are offered depending on the needs of each group, as well as support for families and training to enhance parental skills.

Amongst the international social sports schools, the standout projects are those that aim to achieve the integration of migrant groups, indigenous populations, ethnic and religious minorities, refugees, those affected by armed conflicts and natural disasters.