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Ancelotti: "We're saying goodbye to a legend against Betis and we want to finish LaLiga on a high"

"It's an important day and we'll enjoy it, we've deserved to win LaLiga, we've dominated from start to finish," said the Real Madrid coach.

Ancelotti: "We're saying goodbye to a legend against Betis and we want to finish LaLiga on a high"
NEWS.Mireia Jiménez

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media in the press room at Real Madrid City to analyse the clash with Betis on the final day of the LaLiga: "It's a warm-up game for the final. We've worked really well this week and it's the last league game. We want to finish off a fantastic season, a league campaign where we've brilliant from start to finish. We're thrilled with what we've achieved in this league season, it's well deserved. It's been the easiest to manage of my career. The players have been amazing."

“We say goodbye to a legend tomorrow. There are so many things we can enjoy. It's an important day and the fans will be with us like they have all season.".

On Kroos' decision
“Legends have to decide their own end and how to finish here. Kroos has made his decision, we have to respect it. We will say goodbye in the best way we can. It's the decision of a man with balls. We talked about this. He was convinced and wanted to say goodbye on a high note. I perfectly understand. Saying goodbye like this would be ideal. “Everyone wants to, but you have to have the courage to make the decision.”

Finding a replacement
“Replacing a player of his quality is really hard, if not impossible, but this squad has resources. The young lads will have to take more responsibility and follow the route we've marked over the last ten years. Every year, the squad loses certain pieces, but it must not lose the atmosphere, commitment and attitude.”

Did you try to change his mind?
“On a technical level, he's very tough to replace but we're not thinking about that now. He wants to say goodbye to the Bernabéu and prepare well for the final. He is very calm and focused on what he has to do. Convincing him or changing his mind was not so easy. There were no tears.”

About Tchouameni
“He'll miss the final. I think he should recover in time for the Euros.”

Ten years since La Décima
“We have a very vivid memory of it. That's where this generation began to win titles. Many continue, but there are also young people who are taking responsibilities. “It all started there.”

The gold ball
"Don't know. If we are lucky enough to win the Champions League, Real Madrid players will have a better chance of winning this individual title. But it is not the most important thing for us.”

Mario Martin
“He is progressing very well and he can be in the squad without a problem. He has quality and a good attitude. He is a player, like many from the quarry, who we can think that in the future he can be a first team player.”

Kroos's career
“He is one of the best midfielders in the history of football. He has had a very continuous performance, without losses. He is one of the best at controlling game times and a unique passing success rate. He has contributed a lot to football, not only to Real Madrid. It is difficult to choose a game of his, he has always played with great continuity.”

Is it hard to leave football?
“It depends on each person's character. It hasn't been difficult for him. He wasn't for me either, but for some he can be.”

About Nacho
“He hasn't decided yet. We are waiting, but we are in no hurry. The idea of those who finish their contract this year is to finish the season well and then they will have time to choose what they want to do.”

Will Mbappé go to the Olympic Games?
“That is a problem that the French team has. If I have time, I like to watch them, especially the Italian athletes.”