Vini Jr.: "It's a unique match and we have to start strong"

‘’We want to win on Saturday and give our fans something to cheer about", said Carvajal at the UEFA Open Media Day.

Vini Jr.: "It's a unique match and we have to start strong"

Vini Jr, Carvajal, Camavinga and Rüdiger talked to Realmadrid TV at the UEFA Open Media Day for the Champions League final. The Brazilian forward said: "It's a very important week and we hope we can win again. We're always focused on winning. I hope I can score, but the most important thing is to win. It's a unique match and we have to start strong. We've only lost two games and hopefully we can finish the season like that. It's a very important week and hopefully we can win again".

"I've never been scared of losing the ball and that's what has taken me this far. Not every player can wear this jersey or train with these legends. The unity of this team is what makes us happy. German players are always difficult and they're very close to me, but we'll see what the coach prepares in order to do our best".

Carvajal: "I never thought I could play in six Champions League finals"
"I'm looking forward to it and I'm having a great week. We're focused on Saturday after winning the league. I'm very happy, with no injuries, playing at a good level on the pitch and full of confidence. I never thought I could play in six Champions League finals and I'm looking forward to lifting the trophy on Saturday".
"The squad has really stepped up after the serious injuries, we've given the coach a helping hand. We all contribute and we're a winning group. We have to convey confidence and enthusiasm to the younger players, even though some of them already played in the final in Paris. We're all going to London, we want to win and give our fans something to cheer about. It'll be a big game and Dortmund will make things difficult for us".

A message for the madridistas
"Madrid fans, we're just a few days away from a Champions League final, I want to thank you for your support throughout the season. We've given our all and we've won a wonderful league title. We've reached the Champions League final by knocking out big sides and on Saturday we have the final test against Dortmund and I hope we can bring you la Decimoquinta".

Camavinga: "We want to win la Decimoquinta for the fans"
"I just want it to be Saturday already to play this type of game. We always want more and we want to win the final. We're playing in a legendary stadium, but I just want to win".
"We're more focused because it's a final. We'll do everything during this week to prepare for the final. We have a strong team and it's easier to play with good players. I'd like to thank the fans for their support and we want to win la Decimoquinta for you".

Rüdiger: "Winning is what Real Madrid demand"
"Having good energy in the dressing room is very important for me. Playing for this club is a dream come true. I'm trying to enjoy it and that's why I'm trying to be at my best. Winning is what Real Madrid demands. All the best players want to come here and play in games like this".
"It'll be a tough game, it's a final. They'll be very well prepared, they're very dangerous on the counter-attack and in strategic plays. We have to be in top form, be disciplined and score one more goal than them. We can't underestimate any of our opponents".