Nacho: "Lifting the Champions League trophy is the best thing that can happen to you at club level"

"We're extremely proud and have a winning mentality," he told the official UEFA media channels.

Nacho: "Lifting the Champions League trophy is the best thing that can happen to you at club level"

Nacho gave an interview to UEFA, reflecting on his role as Real Madrid captain and the mentality in the team ahead of the Champions League final: “I'm thrilled to get to another final and continue making history at my boyhood club. We're so excited. Lifting the Champions League is the best thing that can happen to you at club level. We're really happy, proud and have a winning mentality; we always think positively and we're well aware of how tough a final can be. It could be a really special day.”
“Throughout the year, you're always thinking about winning another Champions League, but it's really tough. You know you have to get through the Round of 16, quarters… the opposition is very strong. As you start to get closer, you begin to get those goosebumps."

Praise Ancelotti
“He's a coach who really embodies the values of this club. He's the perfect guy to ensure the players are happy and relaxed. We're still winning and for a club like Real Madrid, that's the demand placed on you every day."

Being Real Madrid captain
“I've been here my whole life so it's very special to me. Both my teammates and everyone at the club knows this is my home. They're the values instilled in me by my parents and Real Madrid, because I've grown up between my home and my other home, in Real Madrid. What has got me to where I am today is the education I have been given in a certain set of values and way of life."

“Even if I don't have the armband, I've always felt a hugely important part of this team. I've been here my whole life and I know Real Madrid better than anyone. I've always felt the respect of my teammates but of course, when you get confirmation you're going to be first-team captain, you're overjoyed. It's a huge challenge, it comes with real responsibility. Even though things have gone well, it's not easy to take on that role. You place more pressure on yourself to win titles for the team, to go to Cibeles and win finals.”

Real Madrid
“It means so much. It's such a huge club and there are all kinds of words to describe it but first and foremost it's hard work, sacrifice, and never giving in to adversity. We've been showing anything can happen right up until the final moment for several years. We never let our heads drop because we have such faith in ourselves and the work we do. Ever since you're a kit, they teach you to win things but they also instil fantastic values."

Values to teach younger lads
“With this type of players it's easy because they have such extraordinary talent. All you have to do as a captain is show them how we do things day-to-day. In every training session and every moment, you have to give it everything. That's something they understood very quickly as soon as they arrived at the club. They realised what it meant to give your all every day. Not just in games but in how you work with the club day, day out. It's been easy because they had the talent, they just had to bring that fight. That's why they have had so much success at such a young age and they have bright futures ahead of them."