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Kroos: “It's going to be my last push for Real Madrid and I'm only focused on winning"

“We're playing a final and it'll be difficult, but we're ready", explained Rodrygo.

Kroos: “It's going to be my last push for Real Madrid and I'm only focused on winning"

Kroos, Rodrygo, Rüdiger, Militão, Alaba and Arda Güler expressed their confidence in the team ahead of the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund. The German midfielder said: "I'm really looking forward to it. We've been here before and we know what awaits us. It's impossible to win trophies without a team. It's going to be my last game for Real Madrid, but for me the farewell was two days ago. It was nice and a night to remember, but there's a very important match this week. It's the most important game in the world at club level and I'm fully focused on winning it. I won my first Champions League at Wembley and on Saturday I want to complete the circle".

"We're up against an opponent that might surprise some people. It won't be easy and it will be a difficult game. I've seen their games against Atlético and PSG and they can make you suffer a lot. They defend very tightly and have very quick players on the counter. We've played against all the German teams this season and we know how difficult it is. It's been a very difficult journey and it makes no sense to lose now".

Message to the madridistas
"It's going to be my last push for Real Madrid and I hope we all celebrate together afterwards. Get behind us, whether it's at the stadium, at home or at the Bernabéu, Hala Madrid!".

Rodrygo: "We have this last game to achieve our goal"
"When you put on this jersey, you're more and more prepared. It's a very nice final coming up and hopefully we'll win it. It's been a difficult season, they all are, but this one maybe even more so because of injuries. We have this last game to achieve our goal".
"Ever since we beat Bayern, it feels like the final has taken a long time to come. It's a final and it's going to be tough. It's always difficult against German teams. It's also going to be difficult for them".

Rüdiger: "Winning is what Real Madrid demand"
"Having good energy in the dressing room is very important for me. Playing for this club is a dream come true. I'm trying to enjoy it and that's why I'm trying to be at my best. Winning is what Real Madrid demands. All the best players want to come here and play in games like this".

"It'll be a tough game, it's a final. They'll be very well prepared, they're very dangerous on the counter-attack and in strategic plays. We have to be in top form, be disciplined and score one more goal than them. We can't underestimate any of our opponents".

Militão: "Football is about winning trophies and making history"
"I was injured seven months ago, but I'm now ready to play in a Champions League final. I couldn't have imagined it, I was only thinking about recovering. I didn't think I'd experience another final, it's like a film".

"Football is about winning trophies and making history. Everything happens very quickly and you have to make the most of every moment with your team-mates".

Alaba: "We'll do everything we can to try and win"
"It's a bit frustrating to not be able to be in the final, I always try to help the team and be part of making it successful. It hasn't been an easy season due to injuries, but we showed our character and what this club stands for. We'll do everything we can to try to win".

Arda Güler: "I hope we're successful at Wembley"
"Real Madrid is the biggest club in the world. I'm proud of everything we've achieved and I hope we're successful at Wembley and finish well. It was a tough start to the season, but I adapted. Hopefully I'll carry on playing like this".