Arbeloa, Solari, Ivana and Olga take centre stage on the second day of White Week

Teresa Perales and Víctor Alfaro also took part in the session with students from the Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea.

NEWS.Pablo Caycedo

Álvaro ArbeloaSantiago SolariIvana Andrés and Olga Carmona were the stars of the second day of White Week at the Real Madrid Universidad Europea University School. The first two shared a talk with the students under the title Real Madrid: an attitude to life. Arbeloa said: "At this club you learn from the previous generations by the example they pass on to you. I had the opportunity to make my debut at Real Madrid alongside my idols. I was lucky to be able to play with and learn from them."

"The demand comes from our history and has made us the best club in the world. Everyone who comes here knows what our history is. Real Madrid is seen from the outside as the biggest and most important club in the world. When you're at another club they ask you what Real Madrid is like. It's a footballer's dream to be able to play here one day."

Club values
"Real Madrid transmits the values of effort, dedication, never giving up and giving the best of oneself every day. The best players in the world have played for Real Madrid but, beyond that, what this crest and this fan base demand is that you don't give up, that you fight and that you fight for every ball. We are living in an era in which the impossible is a triviality and that's what moves people, to never give up."

Solari: "When a match seems impossible, the madridista has the conviction that it can be won"
"Madrid transmits a way of being, an attitude, a way of doing things. It transmits the condition that we can always win and it happens all the time. It may be that there is a match that seems impossible, however, the madridista has the conviction that you can still win it, and it is authentic. There is a driving force that is the search for excellence, for a path to try to be better every day. We are very determined and persistent and this is reflected on a sporting level with the comebacks."

Differences between being a player and a coach
"As a coach it's a more 360 degree experience. You dictate how the week develops, but you also have a relationship with the physical trainer, coaching staff, bosses, press, with the fans who are also part of this dynamic... It's much more complete, the demands change a lot more."

World champions at the 'Semana Blanca' (White Week)
Real Madrid players and world champions Ivana Andrés and Olga Carmona spoke about their stories of triumph and example. The captain said: "We have grown up without female role models and now we have become those role models. I think it's a source of pride and a responsibility because we are the mirror in which the children will look to find themselves."
"Wearing the armband or not doesn't make me any different. I'm the same person, I try to help all my team-mates and I try to make sure we're all connected on the pitch, that we all compete to the maximum. In a team, that union is very important."

"I would tell them to enjoy the journey, especially the younger ones, and to never give up, because at the end of the day the road is not easy. My advice is to never give up. Surround yourselves with good professionals. I don't know everything as a person or as a player. I'm on the road of learning and I love the fact that they can help me."

Olga: "I never dreamed I could score the goal in the World Cup final"
"It's very difficult to explain. At that moment you're in the game. It was quite an early moment, so I never thought it was going to be won with that goal. At that moment I tried to enjoy the whole game. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I could score in a World Cup final. England were a very strong team, so I treated it as just another goal at the time of the game, but when I got back to Spain I realised how much I had done."

Real Madrid's standards
"It's a privilege and a very big responsibility. You're at a club where you can't relax and that requires a lot of mental work and the ability to always be at your best. It requires a lot of sacrifice and hard work. In the end, we're privileged, we have all kinds of facilities and everything you need to be at one hundred per cent on the pitch."

Other contributions
The winner of 27 medals at the Paralympic Games and 2021 Princess of Asturias Award for Sports Teresa Perales gave a talk on overcoming obstacles as a driving force in life: ‘The first time I competed in the Games I had no experience, but I did have the desire to take on the world. Now I really enjoy that moment of competition, but knowing that I already have the prize because many people my age can no longer compete." Víctor Alfaro, general director of Podoactiva and podiatrist of the Real Madrid first team, also participated in the second day of the Semana Blanca with a conference entitled Todo comienza por un paso (Everything Starts with a Single Step).