Florentino Pérez: "This spirit of unity and the conviction that we are one big family has been essential to achieve a unique and almost unrepeatable track record"

"We continue together and united on this path of values that helps us to fulfil our dreams," said the president at the 2024 badge presentation ceremony.

Florentino Pérez: "This spirit of unity and the conviction that we are one big family has been essential to achieve a unique and almost unrepeatable track record"

Florentino Pérez presided over the presentation of the 2024 badges to Real Madrid members who have completed 25, 50 and 60 years of uninterrupted loyalty to the club. After Santiago Solari's presentation, the president took the floor and began by recalling the figure of Miguel Ángel: "Welcome to Real Madrid City and to this event which, as I always say, is one of the most endearing and exciting that we celebrate at our club. And first of all, please allow me to pay a very special tribute to all those madridistas who are no longer with us today and who have been part of our history. Among them, one of our greatest goalkeepers, Miguel Ángel González, who left us last Tuesday with the warmth and recognition of all madridistas. For him and for all those who have left us over the last year, I ask you to observe a minute's silence."
"We are part of a sporting institution that is, because of its history and its legend, the most demanding. They taught us to compete, to win and to live always giving our very best, with a constant desire to improve, with work, with sacrifice, with humility, with solidarity, with respect and with the absolute conviction that fair play is the only way to triumph."
Standards and values
"Being Real Madrid is, for all these reasons, an attitude towards life. And you are an example of what this badge and this shirt represent. That is why today, in this very special event for all of you, we want to show our affection and our gratitude for the commitment and loyalty that you have shown throughout a lifetime dedicated to Real Madrid."
"Today you are going to receive the silver, gold and brilliant gold badges, as symbols of everything that has united you to our club. Members of Real Madrid, uninterruptedly, for 25, 50 and even 60 years. We thank you for your support, for your affection and because none of what we have achieved would have been possible without you. You are undoubtedly a part of the best fan base in the world."
"A fan base that is present on every continent and that is the real driving force behind making this club the world's greatest sporting reference point. And we know what our greatest strength is. That which explains why this crest can overcome challenges that seem unattainable and impossible. Our strength is unity. The unity of the members and the unity of all madridistas."
Key to success
"Together we have celebrated a lot of joy and we have overcome all adversity. When we say that this shirt means 'never giving up' it has a lot to do with our unity and our way of understanding life. This spirit of unity and of feeling that we are one big family extends to our teams and has always been essential to achieve a track record that is unique and almost unrepeatable. And it also allows us institutional stability, which is a determining factor in continuing to be leaders in sporting, economic and social terms."
"And this is the strength to be able to understand this period of success that our football and basketball teams are experiencing. We are enjoying an extraordinary winning cycle that already spans 14 consecutive seasons of triumph: 26 football titles and 25 basketball titles. 51 titles in total, including 5 European Cups in football and 3 European Cups in basketball."
The Santiago Bernabéu 
"We are experiencing a moment that is going to be decisive in facing the future with strength and enthusiasm. We are working to ensure that our institution is prepared for the new era that awaits us. And this is where our Santiago Bernabéu Stadium will play a decisive role."
"The transformation of the Bernabéu will soon be one of the great milestones that will mark the history and destiny of our club. And it will also be a reference point that will have a spectacular influence on the life of the city of Madrid. Our stadium will continue to be a great temple of world football, but it will also become an icon of leisure and entertainment in Europe and a world reference for major concerts and international events."
"A few hours ago, the arrival of the NFL at the Santiago Bernabéu was announced. It will be a great event in the history of sport because one of the most prestigious competitions in the world will come to Madrid."
The path of legends
"We form a great family that knows the path marked out by those who created this universal legend. Figures such as Santiago BernabéuAlfredo Di StéfanoPaco GentoJosé Emilio SantamaríaAmancio AmaroEmiliano RodríguezClifford Luyk and our honorary president, José Martínez Pirri, who is with us today. 
"We are still together and united along that path of values that helps us to fulfil our dreams. Thank you for the history you have made and for always being there, at the starting point of the history yet to be made. Thank you very much for everything you have given Real Madrid and congratulations on a life dedicated to the best club in the world."