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30 years since the Ibero-American Cup

On 25 May 1994, Real Madrid beat Boca Juniors in a two-legged final.

30 years since the Ibero-American Cup

Today marks 30 years since Real Madrid's Ibero-American Cup win. On May 25, 1994, our team won the only edition of the competition pitting the winner of the Copa del Rey and the Conmebol Gold Cup against each other. The title was decided in a two-legged final with Boca Juniors. The Santiago Bernabéu was the venue for the first leg, as Real Madrid beat the Argentine side 3-1 thanks to a Morales brace and a Hierro strike.
The second leg came six days later in Buenos Aires. Boca Juniors took the lead with goals from Da Silva and Naveda. But Milla clinched the Ibero-American Cup for Real Madrid with his 74th-minute goal to make the final 2-1. Our team closed out a season having previously won the Spanish Super Cup.

FIRST LEG (Santiago Bernabéu, 19/05/1994)
3- Real Madrid: Buyo, Velasco, Alkorta, Lasa (Fernando, 75’), Prosinecki (Sandro, 46’), Martín Vázquez, Míchel, Milla, Hierro, Zamorano and Dani (Morales, 57’).
1- Boca Juniors: Montoya, Mac Allister, Moya, Simón, Soñora, Márcico, Peralta, Saldaña, Basay (Carranza, 71’), Manteca Martínez (Pogany, 2’) and Da Silva (Carranza, 57’). 
1-0 (min. 34): Hierro.
2-0 (min. 70): Morales.
3-0 (min. 79): Morales.
3-1 min. 85: Mac Allister.

SECOND LEG (La Bombonera, 25/05/1994)
2- Boca Juniors: 
Pogany, Noriega, Medero, Arruabarrena, Carranza, Tejera, Tapia, Farías, Saldaña (Moya, 26’), Da Silva and Naveda. 
1- Real Madrid: Buyo, Velasco (Ramis, 86’), Chendo, Antía, Nando, Marcos, Prosinecki, Martín Vázquez, Míchel, Milla and Dani (Morales, 80’).

1-0 (min. 40): Da Silva.
2-0 (min. 73): Naveda.
2-1 (min. 74): Milla.