Llull: “We have to give it everything to reach Sunday's final and win it”

“I'm hungry, excited and nervous about the chance to achieve a historic feat," he said.


Sergio Llull spoke on the eve of the team's trip to Berlin ahead of another EuroLeague Final Four: “I'm excited and hungry. The team is in good shape, we're ready. It's just as special as the others. We know how hard it is to win a competition with so many great teams in it and such a packed schedule. We haven't done anything yet and this jersey brings with it an obligation to fight for everything. I'm hungry, excited and nervous about the chance to achieve a historic feat."

“We can't add any pressure to ourselves about retaining the title. Winning the EuroLeague is very tough. We've won three since 2015 and before that, it was 20 years since we'd won it. We've had a really good Regular Season and playoff. Now we have to give it everything to make Sunday's final and win it. Olympiacos are tough and it'll be a physical game. We have to match that and be ourselves if we want to get to the final."

“Whenever you pull on this jersey, you know the responsibility that brings, you have to give your all and sometimes, even then it's not enough. The older players try and make the others see that getting this far isn't enough; we have to win it. We all know that and we're going to go for it."

The team's virtues
“This team's greatest virtue is the ability to only focus on the next game. We have respected every single opponent equally. We've had a really great season and now we have to go for it with everything we have because this is the crucial moment of the season and we don't want to settle for the Super Cup and the Copa del Rey”.
“The secret is the strength in depth in the squad. That helps us deal with the calendar better and we're able to rotate throughout the year. Now it's the decisive phase and the veterans try and really look after ourselves so we can help the team in any way possible."

Decisive basket against Olympiacos in the last final
“It's a shot I've seen so many times and I'll remember it forever. It's something everyone dreams of. You all know me, I've been here for many years now and I won't hide away if the coach believes I'm the best option to try and decide a match. They might be a bit more wary of me this year, and that means I'll have teammates in a bit more space."