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Online course - education in values through sport

This 100% online course provides training and knowledge in the Real Madrid Foundation's own educational model, "For a REAL Education: Values and Sport" designed for professionals in sport and education.
The training course comprises 8 programmes and 60 hours of theoretical and practical content, offline activities, assessments and tutorials.
All content will be available from November 2022.

  • Participants can register at any time
  • The course content is available for a year from the course start date, which is taken as 1 November 2022 for participants who register before this date.
  • For participants who register after 1 November, the course will begin on the first day of the following month. For example, if you register on 10 November, you will have free access to all content from 1 December.
  • You will be able to evaluate your new skills in the fields of sport, values, methodology, planning and the design of an educational competition upon the completion of each course programme.

The students will receive a diploma from the Real Madrid Foundation as an Expert in Values through Sport that certifies their attendance and participation in this course.


The Online Course on Education in Values through Sport has the following main objectives:

  • To promote the teaching of any physical-sports activity in the early stages of learning from an educational and social value-promoting perspective.
  • To present the Real Madrid Foundation's methodology, providing tools to improve the educational work of the different professionals with the students/players and developing strategies to integrate educational values in our training sessions.
  • To offer a space for continuous training and/or refreshment in the field of sports initiation to all those professionals related to sport and education.
  • To generate a space for meeting and/or exchange between different professionals in the educational-sports field.


Program 1: Values
Program 2: Methodology
Program 3: Equality and Friendship
Program 4: Neuroscience
Program 5: Motivation and health

5.1. Motivation
5.2. Health

Program 6: Emotional education and family

6.1. Emotional education
6.2. Family

Program 7. Respect, Self-esteem and Autonomy

7.1. Respect
7.2. Self-esteem and autonomy

Program 8. Competition