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Programme for the homeless

This weekly programme has firmly established itself and this partly owes to the increase in the number of homeless people in the wake of the financial crisis, with the involvement of participants with profiles that differ from the traditional one and now including younger people and foreign nationals, who are largely victims of the economic recession. The basic tools involved in this programme are the use of sports psychology and the personal values of transformation, which feature regularly in the practice of team sports. The programme aims to contribute to the emotional recovery of its participants and therefore play a part in their social reintegration.
The sessions include the teaching of sporting values, such as the motivation to invest effort and achieve self-improvement, camaraderie, autonomy and self-esteem, which alter the participants’ behaviour and serve to improve the quality of their lives. This scheme is run in conjunction with the Spanish Red Cross, Madrid City Council and the Fundación Padre Garralda-Horizontes Abiertos.