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For Prieto, a Cordoba native now living in the northern region of Harz, "being a Real Madrid fan is very gratifying when you live abroad because, in my opinion, this Club is the best representative of Spain and its distinction. I think I was a true Madridista even before I was born. There was no sort of initiative to unite Madrid fans when I moved to Germany in 1981, and that's why I came up with the idea of creating a fan club. There was a great response when it was finally established."

Despite its recent creation, the fan club already has 45 members, most of them Spaniards who have relocated to this region of Germany for work reasons. There are also seven German members who couldn't help but be a part of the allure of a team which, yet again, spreads beyond the borders of the Iberian Peninsula.

The goal of this association, in Prieto's words, is "to have active members. From a sporting perspective, our motto is ‘Stay in shape’ and we do so by organising walks, bike rides, etc. We would also like to put together a football team. We also have several cultural initiatives we would like to put in place. We recently organised a programme about the history of Real Madrid, for example."

Furthermore, although the members of the Stolberg Fan Club meet at a bar every week to watch their team play, their goal, as explained by Pablo, is to "go see Real Madrid play in person any time they are in Central Europe. We have yet to go to the Santiago Bernabéu to see them play, but we intend to organise trips in the future." Great intentions and enthusiasm in another sample of boundless Madridismo.