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    Champions League, Semi Final (Second-Leg)
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    Champions League20:45Real MadridvsManchester City

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    Liga Endesa12:30Real MadridvsRio Natura Monbus Obradoiro


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Ancelotti: “We’ll go to the Calderón to score goals and win the Supercup”

NEWS | 19/08/2014 | Javier García

“We controlled the game, pressuring up front and we played a good game”, said the Italian in the press room.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the press about the first leg of the Supercup of Spain. After the one-all draw, the Italian said he was confident of lifting the trophy on Friday. “They have a slight advantage because we have to score in the Calderón. We’re going to try and score goals there. If we can repeat today’s match we’ll win the Supercup of Spain”.

“The team played well. In the first half we did not have a huge amount of pace but in the second we did very well. We controlled the match throughout, pressing up front and played well. The three midfielders did very well”.

Taking Cristiano off
“He felt something and was uncomfortable. We’ll evaluate it tomorrow, he’ll undergo all the checks and we’ll see what it is. It doesn’t seem to be anything serious”.

James has scored his first goal for the team and that gives him confidence.

“As I always say, Di María is a Real Madrid player and I use him as I like and as I think he should be used. He is one of Real Madrid’s biggest players. It could be that Simeone, in saying that he is our best player, has forgotten about a certain Ballon d’Or or Bale. But Di María is one of the great players I am lucky enough to manage”.

"He did well. In the second half the team played at a higher pace and with more intensity. He scored his first goal for Real Madrid and that gives him confidence".

The goal conceded
"When we scored we dominated the game. I didn’t need to put an attacking midfielder on because there were already several on the pitch. We made a mistake on a dead-ball situation, we did not cover the front post well, Iker had no chance to do anything in that situation because he had a player in front of him. I have decided on the number one keeper but I will not say".

Atlético handball
"I haven’t seen it. It clearly hurt us but there is no need to talk about that. It was not any easy match to run".

Surprise about Atlético’s tough game?
"No, normal. They always play with that intensity and aggression, it’s nothing new".