Borussia Dortmund - Real Madrid

Ancelotti: “We gifted them a lot, especially in the first half"

NEWS | 08/04/2014 | Alberto Navarro (Dortmund)

“Maybe to improve we needed to have this game of suffering", said the manager. 

Carlo Ancelotti highlighted the change in his side in the second half of their encounter with Borussia: "I'm happy to get to the semis, even though we gifted them a lot, especially in the first half. In the second we didn't lose out heads, we defended better and we had chances to score. Football is like that, we gifted and then we suffered".

"After the missed penalty, we got scared. The first half was hard. At the break I didn’t have to give them a stern talking to. The side was sad, low on confidence, they needed animating and we changed a little, putting Bale on the right and Isco on the left. Things got better in the second half". 


"At this point of the competition all games are exciting and difficult. They tried everything, we helped to open the tie up but luckily we're in the semi-finals and that's good. I think the side is alright and it might be that to improve we needed to have a game like this and suffer". 

Casillas' performance and Ronaldo
“Casillas made a great save at a very important moment in the game. Cristiano was fine, we didn't want to risk him, we hope he gets better soon and will be ready for the semi-final".

"Cristiano was fine, we didn't want to risk him, because of the intensity of the tie, and we didn't have to. Hopefully he's better soon and he is ready for the semi-final. It's not a big problem because if it were, he wouldn't have been on the bench. He has time to recover and could play on Saturday".

Chelsea as an opponent
“I know they won and they had a great result. I was surprised as it's not easy to beat PSG. I congratulate them, but for us it was important to get to the semis and we will see who we get in the draw". 

Di María, penalty taker
“It was though of, as the last time Cristiano Ronaldo didn't play, against Olímpic de Xàtiva, Di María took it. I don't know if we'll change it now and it will be the third or fourth taker".