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Las escuelas de la Fundación en Guatemala cumplen 10 años

The Foundation's schools in Guatemala celebrate their 10th anniversary

NEWS STORY. 18/08/2023

Thanks to the alliance with the Fundación Carlos F. Novella, some 1,400 young people in vulnerable circumstances benefit from the school each year.

The Real Madrid Foundation is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its collaboration with the Fundación Carlos F. Novella, the partner with which it runs 10 social sports schools in three regions. These schools help 1,400 young people at risk of social exclusion and in vulnerable situations, using sport as an educational tool. The support of Cementos Progreso early on and the Foundation's alliance with Millicom/Tigo and the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) ensure the sustainability of these projects.
The first social sports school was inaugurated in Guatemala City in 2013, helping 180 beneficiaries. There are currently 10 social sports schools across the territories of Guatemala City (Zone 6), San Juan Sacatepéquez and El Progreso, which make a big impact in struggling communities. Besides sporting practice in football and basketball, these schools also provide extra-curricular support, psycho-social workshops aimed at preventing violence, the consumption of alcohol and drugs, as well as digital transformation programs through the Conéctate Segur@, Conectad@s and Maestr@s Conectad@s projects thanks to Millicom/Tigo. There is also a new project, the Prevención de la migración y promoción de la integración de migrantes deportados en Guatemala, being run thanks to a collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (BID). The ultimate goal is to understand the incentives required by a returning or deported migrant to stay in Guatemala.
For a better future
The social sports school in Guatemala City currently caters for 425 young people from circumstances impacted by gangs, crime and violence. The program has helped change their path, offering them a healthy alternative in their free time and encouraging them to study for a better future. The four social sports schools in San Juan Sacatepéquez benefit 536 boys and girls from the indigenous Cachiquel community. Some 50% of the attendees are women and there is a focus on respect for cultural identity. Likewise, El Progreso is home to five social sports schools with 440 beneficiaries, promoting integration between groups with different capabilities.