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Más de 250 jóvenes disfrutan de los clínics  de fútbol educativo en Japón

More than 250 children enjoy the educational football clinics in Japan

NEWS STORY. 16/08/2023

Held in five centres in partnership with Wakatake Group and Dears Brain.

The Real Madrid Foundation's football education clinics that take place in Japan, in collaboration with Wakatake Group and Dears Brain, have seen more than 250 participants come together this summer. The experience has been very well received, with more activities this year, as youngsters train and learn football and values based on the Foundation's methodology.
Each three-day clinic was run at five locations: Saga, Yamanashi and Mie, with the help of the Wakatake Group. And in Kagoshima and Chiba, in partnership with Dears Brain. Thanks to the fact that they are taking place in different locations throughout the country, they bring to all children an experience that promotes educational sport as a tool for the comprehensive development of the person from childhood. During the last quarter of the year, these actions will be continued at Real Madrid City.