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Chus Mateo: "La Undécima was a magical weekend."

NEWS STORY. 25/05/2023

"We have contributed a grain of sand to the history of this great club with something as important as a European Cup," the coach explained on Realmadrid TV.

Chus Mateo was the special guest on Realmadrid TV's Real Madrid Conecta programme. The Real Madrid coach spoke about winning the Undécima in Kaunas and reviewed the keys to their latest title: "You think a little about what you have done and that you are a very small part of this great club. It's a very beautiful story to which you have contributed a grain of sand with something as important as a European Cup. The club has many, but I am very proud of the work done and of the team."

"It was very exciting. We have one thing that is implicit in the club's DNA: when things got really bad, after losing both home games to Partizan, we knew that there were still five games left to be champions. Those same five games were ahead of us, but obviously things had become complicated. Winning in Belgrade was not easy. And that's when we realised that together we could achieve anything. When the series came back to Madrid it was also complicated because we were losing by 18 against a team of Partizan's calibre. It wasn't easy, we came back and realised that we could win the Euroleague. We're very good at doing what is most difficult. It was very nice, a magical weekend."

The road to the final
"We approached the games in Belgrade very well, with a lot of maturity, playing very good basketball in both games, without going crazy. We always believed we could win. The third gave us the wings to win the fourth, which was even more difficult. We managed to do it and that's when the feat and the miracle began. We wanted to make Madrid fans happy, to give them back their confidence in us and for them not to be left with the image of the second game, which wasn't ours."

Video.Chus Mateo: “La Undécima fue un fin de semana mágico”

Hunger to win
"There is one thing I would not like to overlook. Opposing teams, when they see Madrid coming from behind, they know they can lose and we came from behind. With these players who know how to win games. On seeing the look in their eyes, Olympiacos didn't have it in them to think they could close out the game, and in the end we closed it out."

Llull's basket
"I don't know how many decisive shots Llull has made in his career, but if anyone can make them it's him. I've experienced many of them on the court and I had no doubts, and the good thing is that none of his team-mates did either. They all knew that the ball was his. He handles that situation better than anyone else. It's a basket that I can't get enough of seeing and I'm going to frame the photo of the basket. We were all convinced that he was going to make that basket and we could see in the eyes of the Olympiacos players that they weren't going to make theirs."