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Casillas kicks off White Week at the Real Madrid Universidad Europea University School

NEWS STORY. 22/05/2023. Roberto Plaza. Photographer: María Ángeles Lobo

“They start teaching you things from an early age. Education, respect, commitment, sacrifice and not settling for anything”, said the madridista legend.

Iker Casillas, deputy director general of the Real Madrid Foundation, kicked off White Week for the students of the Real Madrid Universidad Europea University School. At the event, chaired by another club legend, Emilio Butragueño, the former Whites' and national team goalkeeper said: “After 25 years at the club, I returned to Real Madrid in a role that was very different to the one I previously had. A contrasting role, but a rewarding one, because I am fully aware of what is being done inside the club, everything that the club transmits, its values. For the last two years I have been a member of the Real Madrid Foundation and I understand all the wonderful things that the club conveys.”
“As I started in this club when I was 9 years old, I have learnt the importance of the values year after year. These values that I have come to learn have meant and still mean everything to me. They start teaching you things from an early age. Education, respect, commitment, sacrifice and not settling for anything. Real Madrid is a successful club, simply playing and training is not enough, something more is needed here.”
“In this team you have the pressure to be the best, the one who concedes the fewest goals, no matter what category you play in. I 've played at all levels of the club and the Spanish national team. I liked to be able to play when I had made a mistake. I liked to stand up for myself, I believed in myself. I was able to cope with the pressure, I felt comfortable with it. At this club, being the best in the world means there is pressure, but I didn't have any problems. I took it as a matter of course.”
What the club represents
“What I am most proud of is growing up at the club where everyone aspires to play. Wearing this shirt, carrying this crest. I'm proud to be back and to have my name connected to this club. For them to think of me to be able to represent this team. Real Madrid is massive club and the fact that they consider you to transmit their values is very important to me.”