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Modrić: “I can see the confidence, calmness and belief in my teammates and the coach”

NEWS STORY. 16/05/2023. Photographer: Antonio Villalba and Pedro Castillo

“We're together, we fight for each other and we have the spirit that we show every day in training and in matches”, he explained.

Luka Modrić answered questions from journalists in the press conference ahead of the match against Manchester City, in the return leg of the Champions League semi-finals: “We're feeling great. We have to enjoy this moment we're experiencing because our record of reaching so many semi-finals and finals is impressive. We're really looking forward to the game.”
“We've played this type of match plenty of times and I can see the confidence, calmness and belief in my teammates and the coach. That’s what I see every day and what I see today. I hope we perform well and go through to the final, that would be incredible.”

The first leg
“We weren't good in the first 20 minutes of the first leg and they were a bit better, but we improved a lot and performed better. We took the lead and maybe we could have got another goal, but they equalised. We knew that the tie was going to be decided in the second leg. We're doing well and we're level. The small details will determine the finalists because it's a match between two great teams with top players. We have to be focused, stay together and give our best. I hope this is enough to reach another final.”

Will it go down to fine details?
“Every match is a different story and you never know what can happen on the pitch. You have to stay focused in every game, on every ball, and help your teammates. I think we're going to rise to the challenge and make it to another final.”

Real Madrid’s success in Champions League
“We always feel comfortable in this type of match. We know that we always perform at our best in the Champions League and it's a competition that we like a lot. We feel pretty comfortable playing these kinds of games. That's why we've won the Champions League so many times, because we have belief in ourselves and we have confidence in our ability. We always give our best.”

Legendary era
“All the trophies we've won say a lot about our efforts and behaviour on a daily basis, whether we in or not. What we do and how we handle ourselves in situations where we don't win is also significant. Trophies give us something to be happy about and to be proud of what we have achieved. It's also something to commend for the way in which we have achieved them. We're delighted with everything we've done here.”

On a potential sixth European Cup
“I still remember the talk and the video of Zizou discussing the dynasty. We pulled it off and these things give you extra motivation. Playing in this competition and doing so for Real Madrid is enough to motivate you. When you know you're so close to reaching another final you want to give everything and I'm sure it spurs you on to give even more. We're close to doing something historic and amazing.”

His recovery process from injury
“I care a lot about my fitness and my health. When I got injured I tried to do everything I could to be able to play these games. I still remember 2015, when I got injured before the games against Atlético and Juventus. I didn't want to miss this kind of game again. I tried something different following the advice from friends and it worked out well. I'm back quicker than I thought and that's why I'm so pleased. I feel good and I don't feel any discomfort. That's the important thing. That's enough. I wanted to be here and fortunately I am. No need to dig any deeper.”

“I think he's okay and I believe he's going to train today. That's the most important thing. Since he arrived, he has developed a lot and this year he's shown that he can also do really well at left-back, where he helped us a lot although he doesn't like to play there. Wherever you play him, he'll do well. His game and his personality on the pitch are important for us. He's a top lad and I'm delighted for him because he still has room to improve.”

Vini Jr. and Rodrygo
“Last year they proved that they can settle games with their quality, football and audacity. The most important thing is the team. If we're good together, and we fight for each other as a team, one day we'll flourish. The most important thing about this group is that everyone is together, we fight for each other and we have the spirit that we show every day in training and matches. The unity between the youngsters and the seniors is crucial.”

The new generation of footballers
“Every age has its own star. Before it was Cristiano and now there are stars who can become greats like Vini Jr. or Rodrygo. There will always be more because football always produces a new breed of players. Nowadays maybe it's more about social media focusing more attention on these things. Times are changing. These are different times.”