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Ancelotti: "We have to play as well as we possibly can to reach the semi-finals"

NEWS STORY. 17/04/2023

"It's clear what we have to do at this club: win every game and compete until the last with all of our strength," said the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the media room at Stamford Bridge on the eve of the second leg clash with Chelsea in the Champions League quarter-finals (9:00pm CEST): “We're in good shape, motivated as ever. These are important games in a big competition. We're focused on the fact we'll have to deliver a complete display. There are 90 minutes still to play and anything can happen. We'll be ready to play as well as we possibly can.”
“It's hard to say I have to pick a starting eleven. One day I've got it and then the guys who don't play as often have a great game and they change your plans a bit. This squad has so many resources and to think only about the starting eleven is a lack of respect to the guys who play less but do a brilliant job. Camavinga may well play at left-back again."
Match conditions
“Playing football is all we're concerned with. There are teams who are more used to playing in the evening and others who play more at night. The calendar demands you play at all hours of the day and we always have to be ready."
Demands of the club
“We're well aware of what we have to do at this club, which is win every game. We compete until the last with all of our strength. We could be lucky enough to be involved in another semi-final. We take it one step at a time. If we make it again this year, we'll have done a good job. Making the semi-finals of the best competition in the world three times is very good."
Kings of Europe
“History dictates that this club is the king of the competition and we're a small part of the club's great history. Real Madrid has now won 14 Champions Leagues and they are the king. We would love to contribute to that history by trying to win the tournament."
Chelsea owner's team talk 
I think that could motivate the players. Things aren't going so well at Chelsea and that could inspire the players to do better. If the club wishes to do that, I wouldn't have a problem. If the president came down after every game, I'd be pleased. He has the right to know the decisions the coach is making. It's within the club's rights to know what's happening."

Video.Ancelotti: "Hay que hacer el mejor partido posible para alcanzar las semifinales"

“I don't think it will be an easy game. Anything can happen and the players know that. Last year, the first leg was easier but things went downhill fast at the Santiago Bernabéu and we really suffered. The same thing could happen this year at Stamford Bridge”.
His future and the situation at Chelsea
“I want to clarify my situation. I said I don't wish to discuss it and I said so in Spain. I have a contract until 2024 and I would like to stay at Real Madrid. Chelsea are on a tough run and we have to play as well as possible tomorrow. It could be a huge opportunity to turn the situation around and we have to consider that to ensure we give our best tomorrow."
Kroos in defensive midfield 
“His position doesn't change a whole lot. I think when he plays in the middle he might move out wide a bit and when he plays deeper in defensive midfield he's more inside. It doesn't change a whole lot from a defensive point of view. To help Kroos out as a deep-lying midfielder, we need to ensure we put in a collective effort, which is what is required in the modern game. If you don't defend with eleven, you'll have problems."
Kroos is a legend and he's at a good level both physically and mentally. As he's said time and again, he'd like to finish his career at Real Madrid”.
Nacho's situation
“If he doesn't play, he might be frustrated. If we play the same eleven as we did in the first leg or in the Clásico, it frustrates all of them, Ceballos, Asensio... Anyone who doesn't play is affected by it. There are more than eleven players who deserve to play."
Regrets over not getting another goal in the first leg
“We put in a top quality performance in the first leg and tomorrow calls for exactly what we've prepared for - to deliver the best possible performance and book a place in the semi-finals. Then we'll see."
“Bellingham is a Dortmund player and I don't like to discuss other teams' players."
Laporta's comments
“I haven't seen it because we were travelling and it is a matter under investigation. I have nothing to say."