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La Fundación, con las niñas y mujeres de países en vías de desarrollo

The Foundation supports females in the developing world

NEWS STORY. 08/03/2023

The work in India focused on the social inclusion of women through microcredits.

The Real Madrid Foundation's schools and socio-sports projects have made pioneering efforts to incorporate women into educational sport bringing all its rewards in countries such as India and Saudi Arabia. Equality is one of the core values that can be instilled in both young girls and their families through sport. Through institutions such as the Institute for Indian Mother and Child (IIMC) in Calcutta, where the Real Madrid Foundation inaugurated its first socio-sports school in Asia more than 12 years ago, the involvement of girls and the work of female coaches in a historically male-dominated environment has been made more normal. The children's mothers exemplify local entrepreneurship.
During these years, the socio-sports school in Calcutta has served as an international standard bearer, as girls represent about half of the participants and the commitment of mothers to the socio-sports activity is remarkable. During the pandemic, thanks to the increased collaboration of ROADIS, the focus on basic care for beneficiaries was essential to ensure the continuation of community development. Additionally, the social inclusion of women has been addressed through microcredit programmes. In this respect, the mothers of the beneficiaries have turned into a model of entrepreneurship, for instance with handicraft workshops and in the production and distribution of cow's milk in the community.
Conectadas programme
In addition, thanks to the collaboration with Millicom-Tigo, the Conectadas programme is being run in Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Paraguay. It is designed to educate young and adult women about technology and the internet, with the aim of helping to close the gender digital divide and work towards women's advancement and empowerment. Finally, on the African continent and concretely in Madagascar, thanks to the Agua de Coco Foundation, girls from the Tulear socio-sports school have participated in musical activities through a batucada, within the framework of a gender-based violence prevention programme.