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El Santiago Bernabéu rindió un emocionante homenaje a Amancio

Statement by Amancio Amaro's family

NEWS STORY. 05/03/2023

Dear friends:
The wife, children and grandchildren of Amancio Amaro would like to express our gratitude for the support we have received during this painful process. Firstly, to Real Madrid and especially to its president, who has not abandoned us alone for a single minute. He has been attentive, kind and generous in a way we certainly did not deserve. To all the team and staff of the club, from former players, players, coaching staff and employees, from the first to the last. Also, and very especially, to the Quinta del Buitre, his sporting offspring, who have accompanied us during his last hours and during these days of mourning. Thank you for your support and endless affection for your coach, thank you so much.
Many thanks to all the institutions, mayors, political representatives, club presidents, from Spain and from abroad, who have offered their condolences sincerely and with special affection. We thank all of them and, especially, Liverpool, for honouring their slogan "You'll never walk alone...". Naturally, to the 88,000 people who joined us in the emotional tribute we were given last Saturday at the stadium. The respect, appreciation and in a way, the shared sadness towards the loss of our father, husband and grandfather was so overwhelming. We will cherish him in our hearts for the rest of our lives.
We would also like to extend this appreciation to all the friends and family, near and far, who travelled from far and wide to wish him farewell and to shake our hands. To those from here, to those from there. And to all those who, from Madrid to abroad, have called and written to give us their encouragement and to commemorate what our father/husband/grandfather meant to them.
We have received thousands of messages and calls. We have not been able to answer them all yet. We will do so in due course. But to all of you who have been with us, thank you so much. My dad certainly deserved all this, but for us it has been like hovering over a reality that could have crushed us. Thank you from the deepest of our hearts.
We would also like to thank each and every one of the fans who came to the funeral chapel to bid farewell to the former player, his childhood playmate in Calle Vizcaya in A Coruña, the first footballer who signed an autograph for him, the hero his grandfather used to talk about. Thank you for sharing your experiences and feelings with us. Thank you.
Thank you also to the journalists and media for the beautiful words you have dedicated to him. Journalists, talk-show presenters, columnists. We will endeavour to listen to, see and read all of you. Thanks also to all of you who accompanied us in the funeral chapel with the utmost respect. For being there and standing by for so many hours.
And we cannot say goodbye without a special mention to practically all the staff at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Majadahonda. For the care and kindness with which you have treated us all.

Our husband, father and grandfather would have been overwhelmed with so much appreciation. And in his name, in his memory, we want to thank each AND EVERY ONE of you. He will never be forgotten.
From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.
Wife, children and grandchildren of Amancio Amaro.