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League leaders extend their advantage at the top of the table

MATCH REPORT. 05/03/2023. Rodrigo Salamanca

Real Madrid recorded their seventh win in a row in the competition against Monbus Obradoiro. Musa top scored with 19 points and 21 PIR.

Real Madrid came out on top against Monbus Obradoiro in round 21 of the league and picked up their second win in a week with two games on the road. Our team strengthens its position at the top of the standings with its eighteenth victory, seven in a row in this competition, and widens the gap over the second placed team after Barcelona's defeat in Zaragoza. On a challenging court like Fontes do Sar, they won a hard-fought duel in the last quarter, where they managed to withstand the Galician onslaught. An impressive third quarter by Musa, who was the best player with 19 points and 21 PIR.

Our team played with a lot of energy from the beginning, with Musa on the outside shooting. Up 2-7 in the third minute, the Galician team attempted to create some problems through Blazevic, but in vain. Chus Mateo's side went all out on the court and put on a 4-11 run with good play on the paint, with Hanga standing out with 5 points and 2 rebounds. Causeur, who reaffirmed Madrid's three-point accuracy (50% success rate), and Poirier made it 14-24 at the end of the first quarter.

Madrid extended their lead
Four sensational minutes saw Madrid's control of the zone come to the fore. Sergio Rodríguez, Causeur and Hezonja put on 10 consecutive points to take the lead to +19. Obradoiro looked to close the gap and managed to do so thanks to their fast and fluid play. But Madrid managed to halt the home side's momentum with Deck very focused under the basket and went in to the break ahead (30-44).

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Moncho Fernández's men looked to speed up the game at the interval. And they did so, but only half-heartedly, as Madrid hit back firmly against the attempts of Blazevic (12 points), Robertson and Vicedo. Musa and Deck, both already in double figures in scoring (16 and 13 respectively), managed to keep the Galician side at bay. The Bosnian forward still had not had his last word and put on an exhibition of 12 points in the third quarter with complete success with all his shooting. Monbus Obradoiro's reaction, however, helped them to win a third quarter with a high scoring tempo (57-66).

Tight finish
The Galician team went into the last quarter in a much better mood and managed to reduce the lead to five points in the 34th minute. Our team turned to Causeur and Yabusele to calm things down and they put a +6 on the scoreboard. Each move was a fight on the paint and each side traded blows until the end, but with two minutes to go Williams-Goss scored a three-pointer to make it 70-79 (38'). Moncho Fernández's team refused to give up and Scrubb and Blazevic tightened up the game again. But Madrid withstood the home side's pressure to extend their lead in the league and collect their eighteenth win.