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Fixtures and results of the madridistas called up by their national teams

NEWS STORY. 16/02/2023

Misa, Ivana, Rocío, Olga, Maite Oroz, Teresa, Zornoza, Athenea, Esther, Weir, Toletti, Feller, Svava, Freja Siri, Kenti Robles, Kathellen and Lucía are all set to undertake international commitments.

The following Real Madrid players have been called up by their national teams for international matches in February: Misa, Ivana, Olga, Maite Oroz, Teresa, Zornoza, Athenea, Esther and Rocío (Spain), Weir (Scotland), Toletti and Feller (France), Svava (Denmark), Freja Siri (Sweden), Kenti Robles (Mexico), Kathellen (Brazil) and Lucía (Spain U-23).
Spain-Jamaica (3-0)
Australia-Spain (3-2)
Czech Republic-Spain (0-3)

Misa, Ivana, Olga, Maite Oroz, Teresa, Zornoza, Athenea, Esther and Rocío have been called up to the Spain squad for the Nations Cup in Australia, where they will play the World Cup this summer. In the opener, all but Misa, Olga and Rocío enjoyed game time, with Maite Oroz and Esther netting the first two goals. In the second game, Olga scored and Misa, Ivana, Esther and Rocío were also involved, but they were unable to overcome the hosts. Real Madrid players got all the goals against the Czech Republic: a brace from Esther and another from Athenea. Teresa, Olga, Rocío and Zornoza were also in the team.

Iceland-Scotland (2-0)
Scotland-Philippines (2-1)
Scotland-Wales (1-1)

Scotland, with Weir in their ranks, take on the third edition of the Pinatar Cup, which was played in Spain. The madridista was in the starting line-up, playing 59 minutes in her team's defeat to Iceland. Weir played the second half against the Philippines and provided an assist. In their final match against Wales she played the full 90 minutes in her side’s draw.

France-Denmark (1-0)
France-Uruguay (5-1)
France-Norway (0-0)

Toletti and Feller have been called up by the French national team to take part in the Tournoi de France. The hosts beat Denmark in their opener, although the madridistas were not involved. They came on in the second half against Uruguay and scored a goal each. The round of international matches ended with a draw against Norway; Toletti started and was replaced by Feller in the 56th minute.

France-Denmark (1-0)
Denmark-Norway (2-0)
Denmark-Uruguay (3-2)

Denmark called up Svava for the Tournoi de France. The madridista came off the bench for the final 30 minutes as her team lost to the French. In the match against Norway, she played all 90 minutes and scored to make the score 2-0 with a great free-kick. In the final match against Uruguay she played the full 90 minutes of her side’s victory.
Sweden-China (4-1)
Germany-Sweden (0-0)

Freja Siri, called up to Sweden's senior squad for the first time, faces two friendlies. The madridista didn't get any playing time in the win over China. She also did not feature away to Germany.

Mexico-Nigeria (1-0)
Mexico-Costa Rica (1-1)
Mexico-Colombia (1-1)
Kenti Robles
will play for Mexico in the Women's Revelations Cup, which will be held at the Estadio de León (Mexico). The madridista did not feature as her team enjoyed a narrow win over Nigeria in the opener. Kenti Robles played the entire match in the draw against Costa Rica.
Brazil-Japan (1-0)
Brazil-Canada (2-0)

The Canarinha have called up Kathellen for the She Believes Tournament, which is being played in the USA. The madridista didn't play in the win against Japan, but she took part in the victory over Canada, playing 90 minutes. She will face the USA in the final match. The madridista returned to Madrid due to injury before her team's last match against the United States.

England-Spain U-23 (0-0)
Spain U-23-Netherlands (1-2)

Lucía has been called up to the Spain U-23 squad for two friendly matches. In the first match, Spain drew against England and then lost to the Netherlands in the second. The madridista played in both matches.