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Voluntarios de UPS participaron en el Torneo sociodeportivo de baloncesto

Volunteers from UPS took part in the social sports basketball tournament

NEWS STORY. 16/01/2023

The Real Madrid City pavilion was the venue for a day with the pupils from the wheelchair basketball schools.

The Real Madrid City pavilion hosted a very special day this weekend as part of the Real Madrid Foundation's social and sports tournament. The youngest children in the baby-basketball category took part in the first hour of the tournament. Afterwards, they spent some time with their families, where they were able to learn about the methodology used in the weekly training sessions at the social sports schools. A wheelchair basketball session followed, with volunteers from UPS, a sponsor of these schools that has recently extended its collaboration with the Real Madrid Foundation.
The Foundation's social and sports tournament features a series of friendly football and basketball matches. Children from the different schools play together as part of an educational approach to put to the test the teaching and internalising and practising team values. UPS Spain and Portugal General Manager Romina Lorenzo, who took part in the tournament for the first time after several visits to the wheelchair basketball social sports schools, highlighted her excitement at "being part of this team with children from whom we learn so much". Adding that with this type of partnership, the multinational logistics company's motto "At UPS, we move the world to deliver what matters" is put into practice.
Director of the National Area of the Real Madrid Foundation, Silvia Montes-Jovellar, underlined the commitment of the sponsors to learn about the projects in which they are involved and the families who took part in the day with the youngest children. As a result, the tournament had a fun, playful and festive atmosphere, allowing everyone to absorb the values that the Real Madrid Foundation transmits.