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Las escuelas europeas de la Fundación Real Madrid celebran la navidad

The Real Madrid Foundation's schools in Europe celebrate Christmas

NEWS STORY. 03/01/2023

The projects in Ukraine, Romania and Hungary brought together the children in a variety of festive events.

The Real Madrid Foundation's social sports school Real Tanoda in Hungary, held in collaboration with the Felcsút Youth Education Foundation (Puskas Academy), organised a Christmas celebration during which the 100 pupils who attended the school received football boots as a present. The participants have been attending the weekly sessions for over 10 years in order to learn positive values that are conveyed through sport and the Real Madrid Foundation's methodology.

The Romanian schools, working in collaboration with the FDP-Protagonists in Education Foundation, hosted a Christmas party where everyone received gifts during the last training session of the year. It was a very special day for these children coming from families with socio-economic difficulties in a country with a high rate of school dropout, and where children have a higher likelihood of living in poverty and social exclusion.

Inspite of the difficult year facing the Ukrainian children, the Real Madrid Foundation's local partner, the NGO Epicentr for Children, in conjunction with the NGO CESAL, organised a party at each of the school locations, in Khmelnitskiy, Ternopil, Kiev and Irpin. Although there was a lack of light and electricity in some of the locations, there was a celebration of a training session, competitions with entertainers, games with St. Nicholas, snacks and presents, and goodies for each of the children.