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Formación de fútbol y valores para las escuelas de la Fundación en Bulgaria

Football training and focus on values for the foundation's schools in Bulgaria

NEWS STORY. 27/12/2022

In partnership with the Friends of Sport Foundation, the project attends to the needs of nearly a hundred vulnerable children.

The coaching-educators of Real Madrid Foundation's socio-sports schools in Vidin (Bulgaria) received on-site training in football and social values given by coaches from our foundation. In Bulgaria, the Real Madrid Foundation can also boast the support of the Friends of Sport Foundation, to bring football to more than 60 young people between the ages of 5 and 17, who come from environments with limited economic resources and no possibility of access to extracurricular activities.

The aim of the training was to reinforce knowledge of the Real Madrid Foundation’s educational philosophy and methodology, Por una educación Real: Valores y deporte (For a Real Education: Values and Sport). Included in the sessions are the integration of values in training sessions (respect, companionship, healthy habits, committed self-esteem, motivation, solidarity, equality...), as well as the main strategies that will allow youngsters to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the structure of football training elements. The aim is to offer a sports education based on the development of skills and conditional abilities for a solid, structured, progressive and individualised learning.

Coaching-educators from the socio-sports school and seven coaches and tutors from local clubs and educational centres in the city took part in the training with the aim of expanding and working together in the transmission of values through sport and education.