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Los clínics de la Fundación Real Madrid llegan a Malta

Real Madrid Foundation clinics land in Malta

NEWS STORY. 21/12/2022

They were organised alongside Campus and Sports Events, who hosted the summer campus events at Real Madrid City.

The city of Pembroke hosted the first Real Madrid Foundation clinic held in Malta, in collaboration with Campus and Sports Events. The technical improvement experience of football and values catered for 65 children between the ages of 6 and 17.

Two Foundation coaches trained in the organisation's methodology endorsed by the Real Madrid Sports Department conducted the training sessions at the Pembroke Athleta Sport Club facilities. The event was run alongside Campus and Sports Events, a Real Madrid Foundation partner who bring together thousands of children every summer for the Campus Experience held at Real Madrid City.

The Foundation's clinics abroad are an educational model for technical improvement aimed at young people who are already competent footballers and play regularly with their teams. They seek to improve certain technical, tactical and strategic elements. These sporting-educational experiences help boys and girls make the most of the Foundation's philosophy and educational methodology, being comprehensively trained in values such as respect, motivation, equality, teamwork, healthy habits, autonomy or committed self-esteem, through their favourite sport, football.